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Monday, August 11, 2008
By John Vreeke

I’m a Calvin Grad…last summer (2007) I was out to visit my friend Bernice Houseward in Grand Rapids, Bernice also a former Thespian, where we were able to visit Edgar and Ervina Boeve…she was in hospice care, but lucid and happy to see me.  It had been perhaps 30 years.  She died a few days later and I’ll always remember that visit, very glad to have made the effort.

She kept up with my career. She talked about how proud she was of me and how she always knew I was gay…she understood how difficult it was for a young gay man, in theater, at Calvin…she was intensely supportive and loving in that bedside meeting…I was always terrified that she would find out while I was a student.  It’s unfortunate that the CRC still practices bigoted beliefs when it comes to part of God’s creation. She had great influence on how I approach theater productions as at that time (1968-1972) she directed and taught the classics…I was involved in every production that Thespians did for the four years I was at Calvin.  I was also the president of the then Thespian organization.

Jim Korf was in his first year the year I began my studies at Calvin…he directed the Glass Menagerie and I was his assistant director. Ervina directed me in numerous plays, but the one I remember the most was Waiting for Godot… One of my first directing experiences was Pinter’s The Caretaker that I did in the lab theater when I was a senior…never will forget that as well.

I’ve been with my partner, Rick Lambert for 30 years.

Here’s my web site. Check it out and you can see what I’ve done since I graduated from Calvin:


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