Center for Social Research

Welcome New Hires!

    We’re looking forward to working with five new student research assistants who will work full time this summer, then continue part time with CSR when the fall semester begins.

  • Melissa Lubbers, a senior Psychology major, interned with us during the spring and now joins the research assistant team.

  • Leah Hoogstra, a senior with a double major in Mathematics and International Development, started working with us during second semester.

  • Shawntavia Stewart is a sophomore and in a pre-med program with concentrations in Public Health and Bio-Chemistry.

  • Michael Kelly will be a junior this fall and is studying Psychology.

  • Lauren Muñoz’s major is Sociology, and she’ll be a junior this fall.

    We appreciate the wide skill set (and the phenomenal personalities) this new group brings to CSR.

Posted by Kathryn A. Bardolph on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 03:30 PM
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