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Hellos and Goodbyes

A lot of new faces will be popping up at the CSR this month. Tom Sherwood, a Calvin grad who studied social work, will be taking on a leadership role as our new research associate. He’ll act as a project manager and student supervisor. We’re also welcoming Daniel Molling, a sophomore economics major; Traci Montgomery, a junior geography major; Brad Wassink, a junior political science major; and Kristen Napp, a junior social work major, as student research assistants. With these new additions, the CSR has students from nearly every social science offered by Calvin College. We’ll be a well-rounded group.

Some people are coming, and some are leaving. The CSR is bidding a fond farewell to three members of our team: Christina Vanden Bosch der Nederlanden, Debbie Velis Guzman, and Tyler Greenway. Christina, our fearless research associate, is going to grad school at University of Nevada, Las Vegas to study experimental psychology and music cognition. She is a genius, and she will succeed wherever she goes. Debbie, who was of great assistance to us in part thanks to her Spanish language abilities, will be heading back home to El Salvador for a while before she returns to the U.S. to take on a Management position at Walmart. Tyler, a three-year veteran of the CSR, will be across the street in Calvin Seminary. Each of these members of our team has been an important part of what we do. We appreciate what they’ve done, and we’ll miss them when they leave, but we wish them well in their new ventures.

Posted by Tony Ditta on Tuesday, May 03, 2011 at 03:37 PM
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