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Business development mentoring in Haiti, Kenya and Nicaragua

In summer and fall 2007, CSR assisted Roland Hoksbergen, professor of economics and international development, and student Jeremy Veenema in their evaluation of the Partners Worldwide “Million Mentors Initiative.”

In addition to other information sources, Hoksbergen and Veenema conducted a survey of the target population for the initiative, entrepreneurs and employees in small businesses in Haiti, Kenya and Nicaragua. Local field interviewers in each country conducted interviews with business owners and employees in the field, then returned to their home bases (often colleges and universities) and entered their data into web forms created by CSR (you can view preview versions of the forms for owners and employees). Hoksbergen and Veenema also received statistical analysis consulting support from CSR.

Their final report is posted here. They found strong evidence for the program’s effectiveness, with a total of 84 business associations, 6,419 individual members and 4,516 businesses across the three countries.

Posted by Neil Carlson on Thursday, May 01, 2008 at 09:47 AM
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