Friday, August 19, 2005

What do you talk about with a career counselor?

So you’ve seen the office space—-or at least gotten a glimpse in the last posting because I admit that the pic is a bit on the tiny side. Now the next hurdle. What do you talk about with a career counselor?

Many people come in with pretty specific questions—like, how does my resume look or how do I write a cover letter?

But, what if you’re one of those people with no specific concerns, someone who just thinks it would be a good idea to visit a career counselor? Or maybe, worse yet, your parents have been bugging you to come in and you’re worried about not having anything to say. How awkward would that be!

Well, you need not worry.  In all the thousands of students and grads I’ve seen, we’ve never once been at a loss for words. And I’ve got some questions and ice breakers up my sleeve to help you settle comfortably into that office chair.

Here’s the essence of that career counselors do. We work with you to find your unique areas of giftedness, sort out options and help you move towards the next step.

So to completely rephrase Dante—expect to find hope all you who enter here. Because it’s that purpose for which you were created, the why’s and wherefore’s of your existence, the fascination of your journey so far and where you’ll be headed next which make up the substance of our get togethers.

So go ahead. Book an appointment. I can guarantee that we’ll find plenty to talk about.

Posted by Bonnie Speyers on 08/19 at 02:19 PM
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