Thursday, October 13, 2005

Treasure hunting at your local job fair

Tis the season. Yes, even news paper columnists are commenting premature retail Christmas ornaments lining store isles.

But the season I’m thinking of is the annual round of college job fairs. Here at Calvin we run ours cooperatively with a consortium of colleges and universities, drawing a sizable crowd of employers.

So you may be thinking…what’s the deal with the treasure hunt subject line?

Well, in addition to job fairs functioning as another worthwhile element in every senior’s bag of job search tricks, a visit to a job fair is also time well spent for underclass-persons.  Where else can you find a crowd of, say, 70 recruiters who are knowledgeable about a particular field? In many cases, they’re standing around just waiting to talk with you as a potential future employee.

Underclassmen, take note. Grab a handout from your career center on doing an informational interview and run a few of the suggested questions past the recruiters. You’ll uncover a wealth, yeah a veritable treasure trove, of information that will suit you well over the next few years. You may even build some relationships or stumble upon an internship.

Got questions? Call Dana Hebreard, Calvin’s job fair coordinator, at 526-6485 for further great tips.

Posted by Bonnie Speyers on 10/13 at 08:16 AM
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