Thursday, April 20, 2006

Resume Objectives—real life examples

I’m looking at a veritable tower of resumes—all real life samples from different colleges and universities—so my desk resembles that of an employer overwhelmed with choices. Lots of competition for perhaps one or two job openings. So since I’ve got this pile of gold here, I thought I’d pass along a number of objectives and let you draw your own conclusions about candidate potential.

Note: Though these objectives are all directed towards education, they highlight typical resume objective foibles.

With no further ado, then, check out the following:

Objective #1:
To use multi-sensory methods to empower students to obtain their potentials (sic) and to become an active part of their lives by assisting in clubs and organizations.

Objective #2:
To become an elementary educator and to demonstrate the innovative style of modern teaching (as opposed to the old fashioned way?) I have studied.

Objective #3:
My objective is to receive a teaching position working with student (sic) with a learning disability.

Objective #4:
Seeking a general education teaching position in an elementary setting to teach children, our future.

Objective #5:
All subject (sic), Emotionally Impaired and Cognitively Impaired

Objective #6:
Seeking a teaching position at the elementary level where I can provide engaging and integrating (sic) instruction…

Objective #7:
To obtain a position as an educator of English and Psychology where I can grow as an educator and facilitate learning in the classroom and life.
(Not bad except the part about putting your own growth ahead of what you’d like to do for students. Would suggest rewording that part.)

Lest I be perceived as a nay-saying nit-picker, the following objectives provide some intriguing resume openers:

To obtain a teaching position in middle school that utilizes math and language arts certifications and knowledge of instructional strategies, educational goals and learning principles. Additionally available to coach tennis.
(I like the jargon and value added piece about tennis.)

To obtain an elementary teaching position where I (not too crazy about the personal pronoun but willing to over look it) can motivate and inspire elementary children to learn through cognitively guided instruction, hands-on instruction, and differentiated curriculum.
(Again, great use of industry lingo.)

To provide a student centered learning environment as a secondary teacher that will influence students to appreciate the relevance of History and Government in their lives. (Sounds like a challenge, all right!)

To create a caring and accepting environment where the application of my extensive knowledge of biological, ecological, and earth science will effectively educate and inspire my students both in and out of the classroom.
(Indicates both skills and passion. Creates enough interest to scan the rest of the resume.)

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