Friday, April 21, 2006

Take the quiz before you get the box

Some of my blog titles have admitedly been a bit obscure. So much so that sometimes I find myself reading a list of previous titles and wondering what I managed to stuff into the blog body.

So let me be right up front about this one. The quiz refers to what’s to follow, namely a quiz on how well you’re doing at your current job. Pass it and you might not receive “the box”, i.e. the one you pack with your personal belongings just before security or someone less scary escorts you out the door. For good. Often as not, that lonely walk happens on a Friday afternoon. So, check out the quiz instead.

(Hint: true or false answers work the best.)


T   F   1. It’s dangerous to do what your company says.

T   F   2. Skills and talent aren’t what’s most important.

T   F   3. There is no right to free speech in the workplace.

Answer key:
1. True. All companies have layers of unspoken hidden agendas….If you allow yourself to navigate via corporate spin instead of learning what’s actually going on behind the scenes, you could find yourself getting caught in the void between what the company says and what it actually values, between its agendas and public statements.

2. True. Even if you have the best skills in the company, you will have no security, none of your needs will be met, and no doors will be opened to you unless you gain the trust of those at the top. Trust is based on the company’s
perception of you. Do you know what that perception is?

3. True. Employees are being quietly removed from their organizations every day for speaking their minds. And voicing negativity makes you look like a success risk.

Any surprises so far? Well, you’ll learn more about the 50 Secrets Your Company Doesn’t Want You To Know—And What To Do About Them in Corporate Confidential by Cynthia Shapiro. It’s well worth the read. To quote one person, “If I’d read this book first, I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

Posted by Bonnie Speyers on 04/21 at 12:52 PM
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