Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Can career counselors wave magic wands?

Envision the following scenario:
Person X wakes up full of hope. While brushing their teeth, an internal dialogue goes something like this….“ah, today’s my appointment with that career counselor. Finally. It took me three weeks to get in. But by the end of the day I’ll know (choose one) a) what I should major in
b) which career I should choose c) where there’s a decent job opening.” That kind of internal monolgue would bring a smile to anyone’s face, right?

As much as I would like to, however, I cannot do any of the above. I would love to know which major/career is perfect for every person and have a pocket full of job openings waiting to be filled. But I don’t. And sometimes people leave without the 100% clarity on the next step they were wishing for.

So, then, what’s the good of coming to see a career counselor? What can you expect?

1. You can expect to meet with someone who will listen to you and take you seriously. You count. Your struggles count and you are important.

2. You can expect to leave with something to do, some type of logical next-steps to build on our time together. Mini assignments to move you towards your goals.

3. And, finally, you can expect hope. 

Final and conclusive answers? No. But enough to take the next faith-steps. And that’s all we’ve been given grace to do.

Posted by Bonnie Speyers on 11/02 at 09:10 AM
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