Upper class-person advice on first year stress

Comment of the day today comes from ChiChi, a female student who’s weathered the academic storms for a few years now. Here’s her advice worth reading:

... I just want to tell the freshmen and sophomores (especially those who feel like they have it all planned out, or that they need to), it is OK to not know what the next semester is going to look like. Some people are probably freaking out cos they started the semester thinking, ďXYZ is going to be my major, and I am going to do ABC with it and become a successful EFGĒ, but now that they are taking the classes required for that major, they have realized that they donít really like it as much as they thought they would.

Well, donít get all stressed about it. Honestly, I will tell you (and this is out of my own personal experience), you may not be 100% sure about what you want to major in until your junior year. My AER has changed about 5 times up until now. I am not saying slack off and donít decide what you are going to do with your life, but donít freak out if you donít. It will all work out eventually.

As always, I’d love to hear from others who have changed their majors. If you’re new to this process, just click on the comments link to add your thoughts.

Posted by Bonnie Speyers on 10/20 at 12:59 PM
  1. I was a Pre-med/Biotechnology major for two years. Right before my junior year began, I changed my major to International Development studies, which is nothing like my previous major.
    What I am trying to say is that it is important to do what you feel is right and more importantly what God says is right. Do not choose a major because of the big paycheck you hope to get when you get a job.
    Also, use of Calvin’s core curriculum, which lets you take classes from various disciplines. You might pick a major from taking one of those classes.

    Posted by Uduak  on  10/20  at  03:26 PM
  2. good advice

    Posted by Hemense Orkar  on  10/25  at  10:37 PM
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