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It doesn’t take an astute observer to notice increased stress on everyone’s faces. A typical reply to the generic “how’re you doing?” invariably runs something like…“great but really busy.”

Given that context, is it any wonder that I’m seeing so many freshmen with worried expressions on their faces? Add up their composite stressors—leaving home, adjusting to a room mate, coping with loads of homework, fitting in a social life, adding a job, juggling relationship issues—and it’s a wonder that there are still so many smiles.

So today’s blog is really along the lines of “auntie” advice. To any and every freshman reading this….get through your first semester and, as much as possible, postpone the big major-choosing and life-long-career decisions for another semester at least. Unless you’re decisions revolve around pre-professional programs with their more restricted course selections, give yourself some time to explore the plethora of core courses. What you love and what you hate within those offerings will be part of the open and closed doors along the way.

So, listen to your Aunt Bonnie and take 10 minutes today to head outside, let the wind blow through your hair, smell the fall in the air and catch a glimpse of the turning leaves on the trees. Catch the glory of the Lord in the moment.

Posted by Bonnie Speyers on 10/19 at 08:29 AM
  1. Its funny that you should talk about that today Aunt Bonnie cos lately, I have been feeling overwhelmed too. Even though I am a junior and have been here three years, those “mid-term and exam” periods ALWAYS seem to creep up to you and just yell “BOO:exclaim:  I’M HERE.” There is definitely no avoiding exams and papers, but not procrastinating will definitely help you to not feel sooo overwhelmed when those mid-terms come around again.

    Posted by Chichi  on  10/19  at  11:19 AM
  2. Another thing that I just want to tell the freshmen and sophomores (especially those who feel like they have it all planned out, or that they need to), it is OK to not know what the next semester is going to look like. Some people are probably freaking out :bug: cos they started the semester thinking, “XYZ is going to be my major, and I am going to do ABC with it and become a successful EFG”, but now that they are taking the classes required for that major, they have realized that they donít really like it as much as they thought they would.

    Posted by Chichi  on  10/19  at  11:22 AM
  3. Well, donít get all stressed about it. Honestly, I will tell you (and this is out of my own personal experience), you may not be 100% sure about what you want to major in until your junior year. My AER has changed about 5 times up until now. I am not saying slack off and donít decide what you are going to do with your life, but donít freak out if you donít. It will all work out eventually.

    Posted by Chichi  on  10/19  at  11:23 AM
  4. The weather, the weather, the weather! What else can I say except that I am very grateful to God for just how beautiful it still is outside :-). I know it gets worse, but it is not yet and I am trying to soak it all in before it goes (cos when it goes, it really goes!) My two cents on this is - enjoy the little things. It is AMAZING just how much relief and rest you can get from just being outside under the sun, or just looking at the trees. As Aunt Bonnie said, “Catch the glory of the Lord in the moment.”

    Posted by Chichi  on  10/19  at  11:24 AM
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