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The Van Lunen Center
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Subject Areas

School Vision and Strategy

Christian visions for education from various theological traditions
Crafting a compelling vision for multiple audiences and a school culture reflecting that vision.

Linking vision to strategic plan
Balancing short-term and long-term planning and curiosity through a culture of inquiry.


Governance for the faith-based school
Understanding the relationship of the school head and the school governing board.

Board/head leadership
Roles in decision-making and a good governance process.

Building and growing the board
Finding, growing and keeping good board members; building a culture of inquiry.

Priorities for various faith-based school boards
Decision-making regarding resource priorities in relation to vision, mission, and values.

Funding and Financing

Funding Christian education: the church/school/parent relationship
Comparative funding models from different school tradtions; thinking strategically about financial sustainability.

Budgeting for sustainability
Building key information about critical success factors.

Financing Christian education
Tuition structures: cost and tuition pricing; financial aid structures; affordability and accessibility in the competitive landscape.

Mission-driven fund-raising
Fundraising goals; fund development strategies; tasks, responsibilities, staffing, networks, and operational systems.

Strengthening your funding program and systems
The benefits and costs of fundraising; building your database; ethics of donor reporting and confidentiality; perspectives on donors as partners; a culture of gratitude.

Human Resources

Climate: school culture, spiritual leadership
Creating schools as inviting and hospitable communities; embracing the joys and challenges of diversity among students, family and faculty; strategies for parental involvement; sustaining the spiritual health of the school.

Getting the right people on the bus
Self-knowledge of the executive leader; constructing the school leadership team and attending to dynamics in that network; recruiting, selecting and sustaining the right instructional and support personnel. Creating effective compensation systems and workable motivational strategies.

Personal development
Balancing priorities in relationships, time, communication, and operations with personal wellness and spiritual health.

Motivation and development
Building trust and motivation; delegation; management of conflict and change.

Physical Resources

Planning for sustainable facilities and counting on the cost; best practices working with local municipalities.

Using strategy and effective management; people on your facilities team; creating usable space in existing facilities; timetables.

Deciding cost-effectiveness of various facility models; financing the facilities future.


Marketing research
Methods for obtaining useful data; identifying your core constituency.

Building enrollment
Attracting new and traditional parent and church communities to the school; developing promotional messages, frameworks and tools that connect to recruitment and admissions.

Using social media
Learning to use social media strategically to tell the school's story.