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Who may apply for the Van Lunen Fellows Program

We encourage you to check this informaton before you fill out the application form in mid-October, 2017, as the participant fee has changed. Contact us with any questions about the following requirements.

The Van Lunen Fellows Program is open to any head* of school** who:

Notes: *This role may have a variety of titles, including executive director, superintendent or principal. Any executive leader who reports directly to a school's governing board is eligible. Assistant principals, principles in a school system that has a director or superintendent are not eligible; please contact us with any questions.

**The school may include elementary, middle, and/or high school grades. Schools that are early childhood or preschool programs-only are not eligible.

***Historic Christian faith refers to faith traditions that are Trinitarian and hold the Nicene Creed in common. Examples include, but are not limited to, Baptist, Catholic, Christian Reformed, Episcopal, Evangelical, Lutheran, Mennonite, Eastern Orthodox, Presbyterian, Reformed, Roman Catholic, Southern Baptist, Non- or Inter-denominational.

Note: Heads of school who are accepted into the program but change schools or position, or anticipate changing before the next school year begins, may be asked to drop out of the program. (Examples include taking a position where you are no longer head of school or becoming head of an early-childhood or preschool-only program; or change from administrator of a Christian to a public school). Each case will be judged individually with prayerful consideration; the final decision will be made by the director in conjunction with the Van Lunen selection committee.