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Jim Marsh teaching

"I came up through the ranks of teacher and coach, not trained in anything that had to do with executive management. As time went on, my role as head of school evolved into more of a CEO, with responsibilities in executive areas like budgets and finance, fundraising, and strategic planning. So I learned as I went along, by trial and error. I found mentors and other personal resources for help. I grew on the job. But today, heads of school do not have the luxury of learning by trial and error. If they’re not trained well, it’s very difficult. They’re set up for failure." Jim Marsh, Director, 2013-2017

The Van Lunen Center for Executive Management in Christian Schools exists to provide world-class executive management education essential to the future of schools based on the historic Christian faith. The Center is designed to be a catalyst for encouraging and challenging senior leaders committed to healthy futures for their schools. To pursue such a goal, the Center aspires to be: distinctively Christian in its work; big-tent in serving Christian schools from many traditions rooted in Trinitarian faith; excellent in its offerings; diverse in the types of schools and leaders served; collaborative with school and church associations supporting such schools; and applied in relation to current school needs.