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2014 Fellows

For the past ten years as the Trustees of the Van Lunen Foundation considered grant applications from Christian schools, they developed a well–grounded understanding of the challenges faced by Christian schools. The Foundation believes that there is, and will be, a shortage of individuals needed to be strong executive managers of Christian schools.

Excellent training programs exist, covering various aspect of the leadership of Christian schools; conferences, seminars, and research studies. All of these are helpful, but a gap remains. Many heads feel less confident with the “executive” side of their job. They need collaboration with experienced, wise heads of Christian schools; coaching from experts; time to build relationships with peers experiencing similar issues.

The mission of the Van Lunen Center is to provide world-class executive management education essential to the future of schools based on the historic Christian faith. Our vision includes robust, flourishing networks of Christian schools lead by individuals who are dynamic executives and model management from a faith perspective.