A big city with a small-town soul

A world-renowned art competition. A legendary hot dog joint. Artisan coffee and more fro-yo than you can shake a spork at. Grand Rapids has everything a great college town should offer and then some. Experience small-town friendliness and safety while enjoying big-city amenities. More than just an amazing place to explore, Grand Rapids is an ideal location to launch your career; with hundreds of businesses, non-profits and medical facilities, you'll land amazing internships and, who knows, maybe even a dream job.

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Quick Facts

Things to do and see

Calvin’s campus is beautiful, but there are times when you’ll want to explore a city that offers incredible shopping, eating and recreational activities. There’s a ton to do and see:

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In Their Own Words
Yesterdog? The BEST decision of your life, even if you’re a vegetarian. The end. That’s all.” Jeremy Smith, Student


Get involved with GR

From almost your first day on campus, you’ll have opportunities to explore the Grand Rapids community.


Explore and serve the local community during Quest orientation.

Community Partnerships

Join others from your residence hall in serving an organization in the community.

Ladies Literary Club

Enjoy a concert in Calvin’s intimate venue downtown.

(106) Gallery

Support friends whose artwork is displayed at Calvin’s downtown art gallery.

Community-based nursing

As a nursing student, gain hands-on experience by serving in Grand Rapids’ neighborhoods.

Environmental sustainability

Work with community partners to clean up Grand Rapids’ polluted watersheds.

Project Neighborhood

Apply to live in one of Calvin’s neighborhood houses during your junior or senior year.


Work with Calvin’s Career Services office to find a career-boosting internship at a local hospital, non-profit or publishing company.

Part-time jobs

Use CalvinLink to find a job near campus.


Downtown Grand Rapids: Art of the Collaborative City

Never have we been more excited to be a part of it!