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Advisors are critical to the success of Calvin College Student Organizations. An active and involved advisor can help shape student leaders and the legacy of a student organization. Thank you for taking the time to invest in our students this way.

Responsibilities of Calvin College Student Organization Advisors:

  1. Provide assistance and direction to the student organization.
  2. Encourage the student organization leadership team to develop programs and events that add to the educational mission of the college.
  3. Help maintain continuity from year to year by reviewing the student organization's charter and goals set by the leadership team.
  4. Encourage and assist the leadership team in creating a hospitable environment fostering an acceptance and diversity of people, opinions, and experiences.
  5. You have the right to postpone a publication or event, if you deem it inappropriate, until it is brought before the Student Life Committee.
  6. Understand Calvin College policies and procedures, as detailed in the Student Handbook.

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