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Greetings from Vice President Shirley Hoogstra

dear students

If you look around, the world is more complex. The complexity strikes home in the unexpected death of senior engineering student, Eric De Groot, from Tulare, California. He was deeply loved by many. The loss of a friend and family member is always deep and abiding. We will have a memorial service after classes resume.

Christina Edmondson

Another way we experience complexity is the reality of confilcting cultures. The globe feels smaller and more inter-connected. The need for inter-cultural competency is greater than ever. For us who follow Jesus itís also foundational to loving our neighborsóboth on campus and around the world. Over the summer, the college approved a new resource for students in this area: we have a new Interim Dean for Multicultural and International Student Development, Christina Edmondson, who will be helping us do justice and love mercy when it comes to the cross-cultural challenges of life. Do stop by the Commons Annex to say hello and chat with Christina. Also, take advantage of MSDO events like UnLearn week, as well as the fantastic opportunities at Calvin for study abroad. And keep reaching out to people who are not of your ethnic group or racial background. Youíll be glad you did!

Another important way to pursue justice is to get informed about sexual harassment and sexual assault. Look out for workshops this fall put together by the Sexual Assault Prevention Team (SAPT) that will help you know how to intervene and what to do if someone is harassed or assaulted.

Iíd also like to highlight information about changes to health services, that was sent out to parents recently.

Goodbye CalvinStudents, Hello New Wireless!

Calvin's wireless network is changing!

CalvinStudents wireless is being replaced by "eduroam," a worldwide roaming service developed for the international research and education community! eduroam allows students from Calvin to obtain Internet connectivity across our campus and when visiting other participating colleges and universities around the world. So, if you're visiting Indiana University, Notre Dame, UCLA, Cambridge, or any other eduroam campus, you'll be able to connect to their wireless network just like you do here at Calvin!

This means a couple of changes to how you connect to the wireless network at Calvin. You can still connect easily by connecting to the wireless_setup_instructions network and going through the steps to connect to eduroam just like you used to, only now instead of just your Calvin username, you must use your full Calvin email address along with your Calvin passphrase.

For more information on eduroam, maps of participating institutions, and why the change, see

On-Campus Move-In is Friday August 30

If you're living on campus this year, move-in day for returning students is Friday, August 30, after 9:00a.m. Meal plans will be active at lunch on this day. Arrivals prior to August 30 are for student leadership/employment positions only and must be approved in advance by the housing office (email us or call 616-526-6633). Early meals are restricted to these students.

Campus Upgrades

Zeta Lambda Changes

In other housing news, Zeta Lambda building at KE has been renovated over the summer. Check out the cool space!

Also, five restrooms in Hiemenga Hall, the Science Building, and North Hall have been changed to private, single stall restrooms. This brings the total number of unisex restrooms spread out across campus to 29.

Community Dining Plan

Community diners

If youíre living off-campus, in Knollcrest East, or the Timmer Studio apartments you can sign up for the Community Dining Plan. The affordable and flexible options allow you to eat on campus regularly, and enjoy the sense of community that brings. Choose 30, 60, 100 or 150 meals a semester Ė any meal period, any day, in Commons, Knollcrest, or Uppercrust. Most plans are shareable with a friend.

One Stop Registration

Our community operates well when information is accurate, especially for the unexpected events of life. All the forms you need to fill out are here, including...

  • Living Off Campus? If you're living off campus this year, you need to fill out the Update or Confirm Local Address form.
  • Bike registration is required if you have a bike on campus. Registration is free, does not expire, and will help you retrieve your bike if itís lost or stolen. If your bicycle is already registered and has a permit affixed to it you are all set. Bikes without a permit will be impounded and released for a fee. In the past year several stolen or moved bicycles were recovered and returned to their owners because they displayed a bicycle permit.
  • Vehicle registration is only $125 before September 3! (after September 3 itís $150). Motorcycles and motorized scooters can be registered for $40. Your vehicle is not considered registered until you pick up your permit from the Campus Safety office and properly affix it to your vehicle's windshield.

Exodus Bible Study

Pastor Mary welcomes you to join the campus Bible study this fall on the book of Exodus.

With a kick off at LOFT on Sunday September 8, groups will meet for ten weeks through November. LOFT sermons will follow the book of Exodus, and week by week guides are available on the website. Sign up, and letís get ready to listen to Godís word together.

Great Campus Events

Finally, here are a few of the fantastic events lined up for the start of semester:

Sexuality Series

Anne Marie Miller

  • Sept 17 - "Speaking Freely about Sex, Shame, and Grace" - Anne Marie Miller

SAO Events and Buck Fridays

  • Sept 2, Film: Now You See Me; Concert: Makeshift Prodigy
  • Sept 7, Film: Man of Steel
  • Sept 14, Film: Monsters University

Man of Steel     Monsters University


Well, wow! What a campus community is in store for you! I hope your summerís going well. Looking forward to having you back at Calvin!


shirley v hoogstra
Shirley V. Hoogstra
Vice President for Student Life