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Leadership Opportunities

An exciting new leadership opportunity:

Explore Calvin's John M. Perkins Leadership Fellows program and learn how students are helping to address big issues like poverty, injustice, racism and materialism.

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Unique opportunities to lead and serve

Leadership at Calvin College entails delving deeply into the joys and challenges of serving others and your organization – through time, sweat, skill, and knowledge. The model at Calvin is to practice leadership alongside other more senior leaders or advisors, who will encourage, support and challenge your ideas and initiatives. Opportunities to lead here are many and diverse, because not everyone learns leadership in the same way, and each leadership position is unique.

Student Quotes:

“Serving as the dorm president of Boer-Bennink has been a wonderful experience so far this year. It has required energy, creativity, organization, and preparation from a team of enthusiastic individuals on the Activities Council to run events that instill a sense of community within our dorm.”
Katie Barkley - Boer-Bennink President

“Although it sounds cliché, I have learned that the heart of leadership is serving. It is not about coming into a situation and making it what you want it to be. Rather, the goal should be to consider others, so you can meet their needs. I am very grateful to have been chosen to serve in this position. I have seen God work on my floor in amazing ways, and I am eagerly anticipating the ways He will continue to work throughout the year.” 
Erin Coggin – Barnabas Team (student leaders in Campus Ministries)

You can lead as an RA, serving your floor of 40 fellow residents and enjoying the camaraderie of a tight-knit RA team. You can lead a student organization – or start a new one! – and plan events around a shared interest. You can be an orientation leader to positively impact 22 new students in their transition to college. Some leadership is more behind the scenes, such as the Barnabas Team, some is more upfront, like leading chapel services as a worship apprentice. If civic engagement, social justice, or environmental sustainability is your thing, check out opportunities at the Service-Learning Center. The list goes on… Leadership matters at Calvin College. Browse the options below to explore some of the many ways you can gain experience and skill as a leader.

Areas to serve:

Campus Involvements

Campus Involvements thumbnail
  • Campus Committees
  • Snow Mountain Ranch Leadership Institute
  • Gainey Ranch Training
  • Mentoring
  • Willowcreek Leadership Summit

Multicultural Student Activities

____ thumbnail
  • Multicultural Activities Committee
  • Multicultural Student Activities Board


Orientation thumbnail
  • Orientation Leader
  • Orientation Assistants
  • Orientation Intern

Residence Life Leadership

Residence life thumbnail
  • Resident Assistants
  • Dorm Presidents
  • Activity Coordinators

Service-Learning Center

____ thumbnail
  • Streetfest Leaders
  • Community Partnership Coordinators
  • Service-Learning Center Staff
  • Spring Break Trip Leaders
  • Transportation Assistants

Spiritual Formation

____ thumbnail
  • Barnabas
  • Worship Apprentices
  • Chapel Committee
  • Jubilee Fellow

Student Activities

____ thumbnail
  • Student Activities Board
  • Cultural Discerners
  • Student Activities Advisory Board

Student Organizations

Student Organizations thumbnail
  • Student Senate Executive Team
  • Student Senator
  • Leadership position in an Org.