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WBBL’s On the Bench Visits Van Noord Arena

Sunday, January 11, 2009

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The Van Noord Arena hosted its first men’s and women’s varsity basketball games on January 7 against Trine University. Earlier in the day before the games, local Grand Rapids all-sports radio station WBBL 1340 AM was there as WBBL sports director Bret Bakita hosted his morning “On the Bench” program live from the Van Noord Arena. During the program, Bakita interviewed Calvin men’s basketball coach Kevin Vande Streek, Calvin women’s basketball coach John Ross, Calvin men’s athletics director Dr. Jim Timmer Jr. and Mike Zwier and Sarah Partridge of the Calvin men’s and women’s basketball team respectively.

Continue on to listen to the archived interviews, courtesy of WBBL.

Kevin Vande Streek Interview

Jim Timmer Jr. Interview

Mike Zwier Interview
John Ross and Sarah Partridge Interview

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