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Prins Sisters Meet Again In Annual Calvin-Hope Women’s Soccer Match

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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By Calvin sports information student assistant Andrew Knot

With MIAA archrivals Calvin and Hope squaring off at Hope’s Van Andel Soccer Stadium, Brian and Mary Prins sat at midfield, each wearing black, the most neutral color they could find. 

That’s not because they didn’t have any cheering interest in the game.  If anything, they had too much.  Carly Prins is a senior and the leading goal scorer for the Knights.  Her sister Alexis is a sophomore for the Dutch.  Together, the Prins sisters have brought a little more meaning to the term sibling rivalry.

The rivalry puts the Prins parents between a rock and a hard place; putting the sister’s, former high school soccer and volleyball teammates, on opposite sides of the ball.

“I don’t really like it when they play each other.  We find ourselves cheering for both teams,” said Mary Prins, a Calvin alumnus.  “The first game was really strange.  It was odd to see them on the field against each other,” she added.  But everyone involved recognizes the problem as a good one to have.

Carly echoed those sentiments, “The first game was weird.  But it’s actually cool to play against your younger sister.”  She continued, “Obviously, it’s hard because when one daughter wins the other loses.”

But despite this obvious conflict, both the parents and the daughters seem to have found a balance, “We leave it all on the field,” said Carly.  When asked how her parents handled the situation, she said,

“It’s tough for them because they can’t overly root for either team, but they pull it off.”

In fact, they’ve even found ways to have fun with it.  Last year’s Prins’ family Christmas card featured Brian in a Calvin shirt, Mary in a Hope shirt, and Carly and Alexis in their Calvin and Hope soccer uniforms, respectively.  The caption aptly read, “Let there be peace on earth.” 

No matter the colors, Brian and Mary are proud of their rivaling daughters, “We are very happy for both of our girls.  It works out well.  We are glad that there are two good options for our daughters,” said Brian.

Though they remain neutral in women’s soccer games, both parents have strong Calvin ties.  Brian also attended Calvin and played soccer for the Knights.  When the two schools square off outside of women soccer, they both wear maroon and gold.

Carly emerged as the victorious sibling on Tuesday night.  In her first game since receiving MIAA Offensive Player of the Week honors, a career first, her three goals led the Knights to a 4-0 victory over the Dutch in Holland and marked her second hat trick in three games.

“It feels good.  All of a sudden it’s been clicking.  The entire team has been playing well lately,” Prins said of her and her team’s recent play.  Her victory sealed a perfect 4-0 regular season record against Hope.

Although the rivalry breeds awkward cheering situations for the parents, they couldn’t be more please with the situation.

“It’s a good fit for both girls.  We just wouldn’t want to watch every game like this,” said Brian, with a relieved smile.

After the game, Carly and Alexis stood at midfield, directly across from their neutrally-dressed parents, and talked, not as rivals or Knights or Dutch, but as sisters.

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