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Journal Entry #3 for Calvin Swimming and Diving Teams in Puerto Rico

Saturday, January 04, 2014

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By Brett Stoughton (Day Three Calvin Swimming and Diving Journal Entry)

La vida puertorriqueña…

Today marked the third full day of training trip 2014 for Calvin Swimming and Diving!  Jumping into the pool after breakfast for a morning workout, the swimmers focused on technique with pull and drill sets along with a kick set to maintain aerobic conditioning.  The divers worked on approaches and other fundamentals to set up for “big” dives tomorrow.  With only one practice in the morning, the team had more time today to experience the natural beauty and lively culture of Puerto Rico.

With another day of warmth and sunshine as an escape from the wintery mess and frigid cold back home in the States, more time spent at the beach was a must!  Many caught the biggest waves of the trip thus far with body and board surfing.  Others caught rays of sun while relaxing after the morning workout.

The afternoon activity included a trip to the north side of the island to Fajardo to visit the famous Pyrodinium bahamense bacteria of Bio Bay.  These creatures emit a blue glow when the water around them is stirred.  To get to Laguna Grande, where these rare bacteria live, the team kayaked from the harbor to a lengthy, narrow channel of water.  Under the cover of night and covered by a canopy of tree limbs, the team had to navigate through the dark rainforest, with a few water fights and kayak and tree crashing along the way.  Once into the bay, everyone saw the fascinating sparkle of the glowing bacteria in the water.  Some even caught jellyfish while exploring the lagoon.

Broken up into guys and girls for the excursion into the Bio Bay, while one group kayaked, the other experienced the local restaurants and souvenir shops of the surrounding area.  A favorite was a food stand selling beef kabobs.  When asked to have the “regular” or “picante” (spicy) version, some bravely chose to experience the true flavor of Puerto Rican food. To soothe the burning spice of the picante version, a few had fresh coconuts from a street vendor.  Using a machete to cut the coconut in front of us was quite the show.

Having the afternoon off from the San Juan Natatorium, the team awaits another two-a-day tomorrow to finish this week on a high note.

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