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Journal Entry #2 for Calvin Swimming and Diving Team in Puerto Rico

Friday, January 03, 2014

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Buenos Dias from Puerto Rico!

Today the teams took on our first set of two-a-days! The morning session was a great start of JMI (just make the interval) sets..the swimmers did great! Over in the diving well we spent most of our time on the three meter working 1s and 4s (fronts and inwards) while soaking up some sun.

After practice the team hit the beach for a day in the sun..or so we expected but as we have learned thus far it’s Puerto Rico anything flies and we were caught off guard by random periods of rain and shade. But that didn’t stop the team from getting in the water; body surfing seems to be a new team hobby. Out of the water the team did back flips and played a little volleyball.

We wrapped up the afternoon with our second practice- a little cooler this time but still productive. The swimmers took on another difficult set but finished strong this evening even dealing with some rain. Survey says- this was the swimmers favorite workout so far! The cardio side of the diver workout, however, was not. (; The divers bounced around from 1 meter to 3 and then progressed to some tower work.
We ended the evening with a dinner free for all- some of the team went to Denny’s while others stayed at the hotel to spare their legs.

Now we’re off for a little TLC before we take on another morning workout followed by a bio bay excursion!

Stay tuned!


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