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Journal Entry #1 for Calvin Swimming and Diving Team in Puerto Rico

Thursday, January 02, 2014

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By Alex Baumann (January 1, 2014)

A new year for the Calvin swim and dive team began with team breakfast and the promise of adventure. We were full of anticipation for a morning free from the pool, and spending some time in the Puerto Rican rainforests. Through the direction of some locals at the hotel we were given the location of a somewhat secret waterfall in the nearby National Forest. A short drive and a little bit of interpreting trouble later, we found our mark. We proceeded through a tight, muddy trail to the waterfall we had heard about. As promised by our trusty friends at the hotel, there was not a soul in sight.

Once at the falls the team couldn’t resist the urge to swim in the shoots, pools, and directly in the torrent of water falling from over forty feet above. To our pleasant surprise we found more trails leading higher up the mountain that revealed more of the stream that feed the falls below. Many members of the team chose to explore further, while others remained content in the pools under the main waterfall. After re-gathering to take a team picture (attached to this journal) we were off to explore a better known trail.

This trail promised a larger waterfall at the end, but also lacked the privacy of the first. Never the less, the trail description did not disappoint and offer exactly what was expected. The falls were massive and gushed water at much greater rate than the first. While making our way back to the trail head we experienced the well known fact that rain forest weather is unpredictable. In a span of ten minutes we went from hiking in the sun, to being drenched by rain, then back to sun. After the showers, it was time to return to the vans and later the hotel.

After a brief time on the beach, it was back to business. We returned to the pool for our evening session. Practice was successful on both ends of the pool and everyone could walk out with their heads held high.
Overall, the day was successful; now we are buckling up and preparing for our first double tomorrow. Wish us well!

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