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Calvin unveils new Knight logo

Friday, September 05, 2008

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With several sports-related building projects set to be unveiled later this year, Calvin College has also unveiled a new Knights logo (high resolution pdf) for the 2008-2009 school year.

The primary new logo, designed by Calvin senior graphic designer Gary Lepsch, features a forward-leaning knight holding a lance sitting atop a hard-charging horse.

“We wanted to create an image with more forward-flowing action,” said Lepsch. “We also wanted more of a classic medieval-style look for the knight and I think the new logo reflects that.”

The college also has adopted several additional elements in the Calvin logo sports brand including a stand-alone Knighthead, a new wordmark for Calvin Knights and a Calvin C that includes a graphic version of the lance.

Lepsch was eager to work on the new project, but also took care to consider any traditions that might have been associated with the former college knight logo, whose existence dates back several decades.

“I spoke with as many veteran staff members as I could,” said Lepsch. “What I found out was that there was very little tradition with the (old) logo and in essence, that gave us all a free rein in creating a new design.”

A key contributor to the project was Calvin men’s basketball coach Kevin Vande Streek who began the process while also serving as the college’s men’s athletic director.

“The whole idea of coming up with a new logo really came about because of Kevin,” said Lepsch. “He came into my office a few years ago wondering if we could look into a new logo design and from there, things just started rolling.”

According to Vande Streek, the new logo presents a fresh look.

“I was not looking into changing our nickname by any means but what I was looking to do when I sat down with Gary a few years ago was to come up with a logo that had more energy,” said Vande Streek. “I think Gary has done a tremendous job in creating a new logo design that I think everyone connected to Calvin can be excited about.”

Lepsch agrees.

“One of the goals with the new logo design is to create a new tradition and something that our students, alumni and fans can be proud of,” he said. “I wanted something that people will be proud to wear when they put on Calvin College attire or be proud of when they enter one of our new athletics facilities on campus.”

Lepsch also credits Calvin director of communications and marketing Phil de Haan and Calvin managing designer Bob Alderink for their help in researching several elements of the new design.

“Their assistance played a big role in shaping my thought process,” he said.

One facility that will feature the new logo prominently will be the 5,000 seat Van Noord Arena, set to open in January 2009. But already the logo is appearing in the Huizenga Tennis and Track Center, which the Calvin volleyball team is calling home for the 2008 season. It also is on the uniforms of some of the school’s fall sports teams. Clothing available at the Calvin Campus Store is using the new look as well.

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8 comments on "Calvin unveils new Knight logo"
  • Nice job on the logo Dad! The Knight rocks.

    Posted by Ben Lepsch on 12/10 at 02:30 PM
  • It has some some nice features, but overall fails to be a competent logo. The black and white version is the best looking one, but how often will that one be used? Lines are still too numerous. Needs to be “simpler.” The tilted serif font isn’t doing it for me. Gotta go with a san-serif font if you really want to make an athletic look “fresh.” This logo fails to deliver an energetic and updated look as claimed. I think any seasoned designer would say that the stylized “C” design looks really amateur. Overall, the design looks like something from the ‘80s for every junior high team named the Chargers. This new athletic logo is a choice that administration will soon hope had never been made.

    Posted by Jamin on 09/19 at 06:02 PM
  • i like the modern lines… plus, now Calvin can be mediveal without looking like their still in the dark ages! Go Gary (a.k.a. dad, i heart you)

    Posted by naomi on 09/13 at 12:38 AM
  • The new “Knight” looks great. Good job Dad. Keep up the good work.
    -Chris Lepsch

    Posted by Chris Lepsch on 09/12 at 09:50 PM
  • Looks like that Knight is on his way to kill something!  Yay Killing!

    Posted by Chris Browning on 09/11 at 10:19 PM
  • Very nice - like all of them - the C is simple, yet catching.

    Posted by Marge Froese on 09/11 at 02:25 PM
  • Loved it. very very special.

    Posted by Don Holtrop on 09/07 at 09:34 PM
  • I love it.  As desired, it captures that forward motion.  Dynamic!

    Posted by vanderzee, paul on 09/06 at 07:16 PM