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Calvin Teams and Athletes Receive MIAA Academic Honors

Thursday, July 02, 2009

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2008-09 Calvin MIAA Academic Honor Roll Listing

A record 10 Calvin College athletics teams have received the MIAA Team GPA Award for the recently completed 2008-09 academic year. The award, presented by the Faculty Athletic Representatives of the MIAA member colleges recognizes conference athletic teams who achieved a 3.3 or better grade point average (on a 4.0 scale) for the entire 2008-09 academic year.

The previous high total for Calvin had been nine, achieved in 2007-08 and in 2004-05. All nine of Calvin’s women’s teams received the MIAA Team GPA Award while the men’s cross country team also achieved the feat.

Calvin teams that received the honor this year include: the women’s golf team, women’s soccer team, women’s cross country team, women’s volleyball team, women’s basketball team, women’s swimming and diving team, women’s softball team, women’s track and field team, women’s tennis team and as mentioned, the men’s cross country team.

This is the 11th year the award has been presented. Calvin had 10 of the 55 MIAA teams that earned the award.

Of special note, the Calvin women’s cross country team earned the award for the 11th consecutive year, joining the Albion women’s tennis and Hope women’s cross country team as one of four squads that have received the award all 11 years of its existence.

Calvin’s highest ranking team in terms of cumulative grade point average was its women’s tennis team. Led by head coach Jerry Bergsma, the women’s tennis team posted a 3.663 grade point average to rank second among the list of MIAA teams so honored. This marks the fifth straight year that the Calvin women’s tennis team has received the award. Albion had the top spot with its women’s cross country team at 3.67. The Calvin women’s cross country team led by Brian Diemer placed third with a 3.662 grade point average.

Bergsma had both of his teams receive the honor as his women’s golf team achieved the award for the third time, posting a 3.375 grade point average.

John Ross also had both his women’s basketball team on the list for a fifth straight year, posting a GPA of 3.495.

Led by head coach Jong-il Kim, the women’s track and field team picked up the award for the fifth straight year and for the eighth time overall, posting a grade point average of 3.594.

In addition, the women’s volleyball team led by head coach Amber Warners picked up the award for the seventh time, recording a team grade point average of 3.488.

The softball team is receiving the award for the fifth time, the women’s swimming and diving team for the fourth time and the men’s cross country and women’s soccer teams for the third time.
MIAA Team GPA Award recipients

Albion Womenís Cross Country, 3.674 (Hayden Smith)

Calvin Womenís Tennis, 3.663 (Jerry Bergsma)

Calvin Womenís Cross Country, 3.662 (Brian Diemer)*

Alma Womenís Cross Country, 3.650 (Gordon Aldrich)

Trine Womenís Cross Country, 3.628 (Doyle Houser)

Hope Womenís Golf, 3.618 (Eva Dean Folkert)

Alma Womenís Golf, 3.600 (Charles Goffnet)

Calvin Womenís Track and Field , 3.594 (Jong-il Kim)

Olivet Womenís Golf, 3.520 (Bill Maas)

Albion Womenís Track and Field, 3.527 (Steven Allison)

Saint Maryís Womenís Cross Country, 3.504 (Jackie Bauters)

Calvin Womenís Basketball, 3.495 (John Ross)

Kalamazoo Womenís Cross Country, 3.492 (Dave Dimcheff)

Calvin Womenís Soccer, 3.489 (Mark Recker)

Calvin Volleyball, 3.488 (Amber Warners)

Albion Womenís Soccer, 3.474 (Lisa Roschek)*

Olivet Womenís Tennis, 3.472 (Mary Anne McMullen)

Alma Womenís Track and Field, 3.469 (Gordon Aldrich)

Adrian Women’s Tennis, 3.465 (Emilie Sechaud)

Hope Menís Tennis, 3.461 (Steve Gorno)

Calvin Womenís Swimming and Diving, 3.459 (Dan Gelderloos)

Kalamazoo Womenís Golf, 3.457 (Dean Marks)

Calvin Softball, 3.452 (Emily Bustrum)

Hope Womenís Basketball, 3.451 (Brian Morehouse)

Hope Womenís Soccer, 3.473 (Leigh Sears)

Hope Womenís Track and Field, 3.441 (Kevin Cole)

Calvin Menís Cross Country, 3.432 (Brian Diemer)

Hope Volleyball, 3.429 (Becky Schmidt)

Kalamazoo Womenís Tennis, 3.417 (Sarah Johnston)

Hope Womenís Cross Country, 3.413 (Mark Northuis)*

Saint Maryís Womenís Soccer, 3.412 (Ryan Crabbe)

Hope Womenís Tennis, 3.400 (Karen Page)

Albion Menís Cross Country, 3.397 (Hayden Smith)

Trine Womenís Golf, 3.392 (Jennifer Lymangood)

Albion Volleyball, 3.391 (Melissa Walton)

Albion Menís Basketball, 3.390 (Jody May)

Albion Womenís Golf, 3.384 (Kurt Westendorp)

Trine Softball, 3.383 (Donnie Danklefsen)

Adrian Softball, 3.379 (Kristina Schweikert)

Albion Womenís Tennis, 3.378, (Scott Frew)*

Hope Menís Cross Country 3.376 (Mark Northuis)

Kalamazoo Womenís Soccer, 3.376 (Bryan Goyings)

Calvin Womenís Golf, 3.375 (Jerry Bergsma)

Albion Womenís Swimming and Diving, 3.353 (Keith Havens)

Hope Softball, 3.349 (Karla Wolters)

Kalamazoo Menís Soccer, 3.347 (Chris Adrian)

Trine Menís Cross Country, 3.346 (Doyle Houser)

Hope Womenís Swimming and Diving, 3.345 (John Patnott)

Olivet Softball, 3.340 (James Farnum)

Hope Menís Golf, 3.339 (Bob Ebels)

Olivet Womenís Swimming and Diving, 3.335 (Jake Tabor)

Kalamazoo Womenís Swimming and Diving, 3.323 (Kathy Milliken)

Saint Maryís Womenís Volleyball, 3.321 (Julie Schroeder-Biek)

Trine Womenís Track and Field, 3.311 (Bill Cooper)

Trine Menís Golf, 3.308 (Bill SanGiacomo) 

The 2008-09 Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA) Academic Honor Roll has been announced by Commissioner David Neilson and 162 Calvin scholar-athletes have been named to the list.

The honor roll recognizes scholar-athletes who achieve a minimum 3.5 grade-point average (on a 4.0 scale) for the entire 2008-09 academic year. A student needed to have won a varsity letter in a sport to be eligible. The MIAA Academic Honor Roll program was initiated in 1990 to recognize students at MIAA member colleges who excel both in athletics and in the classroom.

This year’s Honor Roll includes several students who achieved the distinction four consecutive years. Of the students, 14 are from Calvin.

The 14 Calvin scholar-athletes named to the MIAA Academic Honor Roll for a fourth straight year are seniors Julie Bratt (Lynden, WA/track and field), Kristi Brummel (Byron Center, Mich./basketball), Kelly Edwards (Grand Blanc,  Mich./x-country/track), Michelle Koele (Denver, CO/Soccer), Juliana Litts (Alexandria, VA/Soccer), Jessica Miller (Colorado Springs, CO/x-Country/Track and Field), Brian Odegaard (Stillwater, MN/x-country), Sarah Partridge (East Lansing, Mich./basketball), Loren Scarbrough (Antioch, IL/softball), Calah Schlabach (St. Michaels, AZ/X-country/track), Dennis Steenberger (Aylmer, ON/Swimming and Diving), Cara Van Woerkom (Wyoming, Mich./Swimming and Diving), Marissa Walker (Cedar Springs, Mich./basketball) and Julie Wolfe (Westerville, OH/Swimming and Diving).
The complete list of MIAA Academic Honor Roll recipients can be found on the MIAA web site at:

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