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A Wave of Hope  —  Summer 2015
College launches interdisciplinary Clean Water Institute to aid developing countries

Nurturer of Sacred Space  —  Summer 2015
With a devoted commitment to her classroom and her students, Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk earns Presidential Award for Exemplary Teaching

Study in Realism  —  Summer 2015
Graphic design students work with real clients and real professionals for a real-world experience

A Plan to Engage the World  —  Spring 2015
Calvin drafting new master plan with an outward, welcoming focus

Measuring What We Treasure  —  Spring 2015
Professors urge to look Beyond GDP in an age of resource depletion

Young, Alone, Homeless  —  Spring 2015
Alumna documentarian turns her lens to the devastating subject of teen homelessness

A Beautiful Noise  —  Winter 2014
Student researchers work alongside biology professor Darren Proppe to study songbirds

Calvin’s Stewards of Plaster Creek  —  Winter 2014
West Michigan’s most polluted creek serves as source of education, research and restoration

Making Words Live in a Contemporary World  —  Winter 2014
Address to the Heritage Class, June 20, 2014

A Campus Agent of Renewal  —  Fall 2014
Michelle Loyd-Paige helps set ‘new direction for diversity’

Justice for Honduras  —  Fall 2014
Alongside study-abroad students, Calvin graduates battle corruption and strive for peace

Navarro’s Swan Song  —  Fall 2014
Choral director follows call home

Calvin 2019: Strengthen, Support, Secure  —  Summer 2014
A conversation with the writers of the college’s new strategic plan

Mastering the Art of Practice  —  Summer 2014
Kinesiology professor Julie Walton teaches students how to learn

Sweet Spot  —  Summer 2014
A backyard hobby becomes a thriving sugary

Modern Mapmaker  —  Spring 2014
Geography professor trains his expert eye, and GIS mastery, toward solving ‘real-world problems’

Staying in the Moment  —  Spring 2014
Path to national women’s volleyball title paved with comebacks

The Nagel Institute: Promoting, Partnering, Provoking  —  Spring 2014
The Nagel Institute works to link Christian scholars worldwide

A Faithful Presence in the Community  —  Winter 2013
SLC celebrates 50 years of serving and learning

Through Their Own Eyes  —  Winter 2013
Students reflect on global experiences

Traveling on Trust  —  Winter 2013
Calvin alum replaces stereotypes with faith in small-town America

A San Quentin Success Story  —  Fall 2013
Nursing alumna advocates for prison health care facilities

A Whale of a Tale  —  Fall 2013
Biology professor Ryan Bebej researches a remarkable mammal

Being Brave, Being Faithful  —  Fall 2013
The Calvin community embraces the discipline and delight of poetry

Grace-filled Moments  —  Summer 2013
Conductor views choir performances as opportunities for the Spirit

Liberal Arts for Lunch  —  Summer 2013
A philosophy professor continues to learn at the lunch table

Solving Death’s Puzzles  —  Summer 2013
With an inquisitive mind, Bruce Hyma ’78 serves as chief medical examiner of Miami–Dade County

Champions for Student Health  —  Spring 2013
New director increases opportunities for college wellness

Class Action  —  Spring 2013
Alumni attorneys open the profession of law to students

He Leads as a Servant  —  Spring 2013
Calvin honors history professor James Bratt with Presidential Award for Exemplary Teaching

A Complicated Dance  —  Winter 2012
Reflecting on the vital work of discernment

International Man  —  Winter 2012
Ned Nielsen opens doors—and a global view—for hundreds of engineering students

Together, we inaugurate  —  Winter 2012
Michael Le Roy becomes Calvin’s tenth president

Appreciation and Anticipation  —  Fall 2012
Michael and Andrea Le Roy sense affirmation in the call to Calvin

Beyond the Dream  —  Fall 2012
Honduras native Ana Barahona follows her role-model teachers to Calvin

For Such a Time as This  —  Fall 2012
An interview with Anne Zaki

A Collective Sigh  —  Summer 2012
A burgeoning recreational respite, Camp Waltman Lake unites staff and volunteers to reclaim the retreat from the mischief of mice and damages of time

Behind the Bars  —  Summer 2012
Lessons from Calvin extend to newfound prison seminary

Generosity and Gratitude  —  Summer 2012
Gaylen and Susan Byker leave a home in the heart of the campus

All That Jazz  —  Spring 2012
An ambassador for jazz and a famous uncle bring faith and music together

Beyond Brushstrokes  —  Spring 2012
Calvin's painting program imbues a rich palette of skills against backdrop of faith

Chem History  —  Spring 2012
Larry Louters—biochem professor and occasional rock star— earns Calvin’s top teaching honor

Immersion into India  —  Spring 2012
Students learn how business can be a ministry in India. Watch exclusive video!

A Serious Love  —  Winter 2011
Legendary philosopher Alvin Plantinga is back teaching at Calvin.

Bravo, Fitah!  —  Winter 2011
A stunning voice from Madagascar

Renewal in Liberia  —  Winter 2011
Calvin partners to rebuild war-ravaged nation through social work program.

Faith-Based Hate  —  Fall 2011
A Calvin philosophy professor's conversation about religious tolerance

Is Football Feasible?  —  Fall 2011
Task force examines the possibility of Knights on the gridiron

Psychology professor studies outcomes following international adoption  —  Fall 2011
Summer Research - Calvin professors make the most of the season

Dear Patterson Students from Past, Present and Future:  —  Summer 2011
A faith statement by Amy Patterson, professor of political science

Heart in Hand  —  Summer 2011
The six-surgery journey of Stephen Okeyo

Safekeeping for Our Rare, Valued Books  —  Summer 2011
Records, rarities to get renovated space

The Next Idea  —  Summer 2011
Senior Design Projects push students beyond their engineering disciplines

'Impractical' Study Becomes 30-year Career  —  Spring 2011
Larry Herzberg-founder of Calvin's Chinese, Japanese language studies- earns Presidential Award for Exemplary Teaching

God's Inclusionists  —  Spring 2011
Enthusiasm, vision propelled special education program into essential department element

No Regrets  —  Spring 2011
Calvin volleyball team wins national crown for the first time in school history

Documenting a Day  —  Winter 2010
'Calvin in 24' event generates 3,550 images of Calvin ... by Calvin

Dollars and Sense  —  Winter 2010
Alumni-faculty working group tackles the economic recession

Little Acorn to Great Oak  —  Winter 2010
Speech pathology and audiology program to offer master's degree

Pilgrim at Flat Iron Lake  —  Fall 2010
The 'gift of place' informs alumna's writing

Recycling Pioneer  —  Fall 2010
Professor's vision comes full circle with new county facility

Tales from the basement  —  Fall 2010
Media production major fosters collaborators, moviemakers and missionaries

A Creation Classroom  —  Summer 2010
Ecosystem Preserve celebrates 25 years of education and inspiration

Aid for the Aftershocks  —  Summer 2010
Alums in Haiti offer relief, recovery

An Exemplary Life  —  Summer 2010
With catlike grace, James Vanden Bosch earns Calvin's top teaching award

Scarce Resources and Christian Compassion  —  Spring 2010

Transforming Cambodia  —  Spring 2010
Students spend interim looking beyond the temples and into the development of this re-emerging nation

What Motivates North Korea?  —  Spring 2010
Calvin alumnus devotes language and diplomacy skills to understanding mysterious country

Alumni Profiles

Agriculture advocate  —  Summer 2015
Adam Birr ’97

Connecting Native Americans to culture  —  Summer 2015
Sierra Yazzie Asamoa-Tutu ’06

Fully invested in youth  —  Summer 2015
Trevor Rubingh ’88

Going where God leads  —  Summer 2015
Dana Krol ’14 and Dave ’11 and Jill Honderd Draayer ’13

Lasting impressions  —  Summer 2015
Mark Konings ’83

Working with kids to revise a Bible translation  —  Summer 2015
Yvonne Hoekstra Van Ee ’63

Bringing about positive change  —  Spring 2015
Koheun Lee ’11

Building community in Honduras  —  Spring 2015
Emily Steenwyk Romero ’05

Dressing up Anna and Elsa  —  Spring 2015
Rose Ibiama ’05

Filmmakers by surprise—and by calling  —  Spring 2015
Gord ’85 and Sue Toering

Help for the Alzheimer’s family  —  Spring 2015
Benjamin Mast ’95

Helping children overcome obesity  —  Spring 2015
Miriam Vos ’92

A heart for Cambodia  —  Winter 2014
Dan Smith ’62

Accelerated research  —  Winter 2014
Alex Dragt ’58

An Epic adventure  —  Winter 2014
Kristen Herder ’14

Rascals with values  —  Winter 2014
Derek Dufendach ’11

Studying small, serving large  —  Winter 2014
Kathy Hoogeboom-Pot ’08

Teammates for life  —  Winter 2014
Harold Tso ’61 and Barry Koops ’61

A clear call to serve  —  Fall 2014
Leon Negen ’81

A legacy of learning  —  Fall 2014
James ’00 and Wendy Voss Onderlinde ’99

An architect’s strong foundation for success  —  Fall 2014
Nathan Funk '03

Helping people find their voice  —  Fall 2014
Miriam Van Mersbergen ’88

Learn, serve, thrive  —  Fall 2014
Nathan ’05 and Gihane Jeremie-Brink ’05

Open hands, open access  —  Fall 2014
C.J. Albertie Masimore ’01

Space protector  —  Fall 2014
Tom Strikwerda ’71

The art of community  —  Fall 2014
Scott Rodger ’13

The man who fixed the Internet  —  Fall 2014
Mark Kosters '87

Bringing philanthropy to his hometown  —  Summer 2014
Mike Goorhouse ‘08

Every picture tells a story  —  Summer 2014
Mike Rohlfing ‘09

Heart for the homeless  —  Summer 2014
Tami VandenBerg ’97

Lost Boy of Sudan spared again  —  Summer 2014
Mayom Bol Achuk ’06

Socks that make a statement  —  Summer 2014
Ryan Roff ‘09

Still on the court  —  Summer 2014
Jon Potvin ‘02

Cultural entrepreneur follows her calling  —  Spring 2014
Kristin Paxton Ekkens ’02

Keeping hospitals healthy  —  Spring 2014
Ebbing Lautenbach ’89

No fear of flying  —  Spring 2014
Bill Katt ’76

Reflection turns to action  —  Spring 2014
Deborah Walker ’05

Singing an inclusive song  —  Spring 2014
Herb Start ’55

The doctor’s doctor  —  Spring 2014
Henry Tazelaar ’78

Brains matter  —  Winter 2013
Randy Woltjer ’81

Grace-filled living  —  Winter 2013
Maxine Stroo Brink ’67

Improv from Detroit to Hollywood  —  Winter 2013
Marc Evan Jackson ’92

Selling health in an urban setting  —  Winter 2013
Anissa Adkins Eddie ’05

Teeing it up for kids  —  Winter 2013
Tyler Smies ’10

Writing the rails  —  Winter 2013
Graydon Meints ’55

Earthquake lends metaphor for medical rehabilitation  —  Fall 2013
Gerben DeJong ’68

Forklift designer sees importance of his product  —  Fall 2013
Bill De Vries ’88

From Cuba to Calvin to children’s advocate  —  Fall 2013
Nereida “Nery” Quesada Garcia ’79

Giving moms-to-be information that empowers  —  Fall 2013
Rebecca De Young Dekker ’02

Poetry Collection  —  Fall 2013

Redemption visible—yes, on Wall Street  —  Fall 2013
Neely Nelson Tamminga ’96

Running for clean water  —  Fall 2013
Wendy Freeland Ploegstra ’03

the gatherer  —  Fall 2013
Gabe Kruis '07

the grower  —  Fall 2013
Leah Sienkowski '14

the listener  —  Fall 2013
Trenton Heille '14

the teacher  —  Fall 2013
Rod Jellema '51

At home with the master painters  —  Summer 2013
Dora Sallay ’92

Communicating the Christian perspective  —  Summer 2013
Katelyn Beaty ’06

Contagious passion creates another world  —  Summer 2013
Cailin Yatsko ’10

Expedition Amazon catfish  —  Summer 2013
Nathan Lujan ’00

Keeping financial data secure  —  Summer 2013
Jeff Streelman ’85

Senior Purple Heart citizen  —  Summer 2013
Robert Blok ’65

A fresh approach to cooking and dining  —  Spring 2013
Brett Verkaik ’03

A stronger Calvin-Korea connection  —  Spring 2013
Minwoo Heo ’09

Good stewardship goes to the zoo  —  Spring 2013
Greg Dykstra ex’87

Growing to give back  —  Spring 2013
Alice Koornneef Klamer ’76

Helping kids write their way into the future  —  Spring 2013
Lori Slager ’02

Mapping Sandy—and future storms  —  Spring 2013
Jesse Feyen ’97

Swine appreciation  —  Spring 2013
Malcolm DeKryger ’81

Toward transformative energy solutions  —  Spring 2013
Tim Lieuwen ’95

Changing the city through art  —  Winter 2012
Dan Nelson ’77

Health starts with a zest for life  —  Winter 2012
E. Chloe Lauer ’01

Howls this for a job?  —  Winter 2012
Rick Stronks '84

Life teams in Mozambique  —  Winter 2012
Rebecca Vander Meulen ’99

Restoring grouse in Washington  —  Winter 2012
Kourtney Stonehouse ’08

The children's advocate  —  Winter 2012
Peter Raap '68

Understanding health care from all the camps  —  Winter 2012
Oludare Odumosu '05

A heartfelt story to tell  —  Fall 2012
Judy Wevers Bode '82

An adventure in American English  —  Fall 2012
Sharon Huizenga ’67

An efficient—and effective—negotiator  —  Fall 2012
Tom Werkema ’69

From chem lab to a Burundi mission  —  Fall 2012
Jason Fader '99 and Heather Reedyk Faber '99

Kansas City’s salesman  —  Fall 2012
Robert Marcusse ’71

Reformed worldview meets redevelopment  —  Fall 2012
John Reinsma ’01

Swimming the Channel for Uncle Wally  —  Fall 2012
Marian Cardwell ’11

The art of the brand  —  Fall 2012
Rire Nakpodia ’93

Unlocking periwinkle’s potent secrets  —  Fall 2012
Vonny Salim ’07

Boom or bust—it’s all a blessing  —  Summer 2012
Sina Seng ’92

Conversion takes him up Kilimanjaro  —  Summer 2012
John deVries ’66

Fix-it ministry  —  Summer 2012
Roy Gritter ’51

Getting Google  —  Summer 2012
Nathan Beach ’08

Have flute, will travel  —  Summer 2012
Camilla Hoitenga ’76

One billion trees—and counting  —  Summer 2012
Dirk Brinkman '68

Video games go to the theater  —  Summer 2012
Brenda Bakker Harger ’82

Being the who at the heart of transformation  —  Spring 2012
Ted Christians '96

Building her dream  —  Spring 2012
Sharon Vredeveld Newton '81

Denied class leads to fulfilling career  —  Spring 2012
Vern Wedeven '64

Finding children a permanent home  —  Spring 2012
Ma Shonn Sullivan '94

One great leap  —  Spring 2012
Dane Vanden Berg ’00

Still teaching at 99  —  Spring 2012
Bern Koops '34

Teaching the takeaways from "Moneyball"  —  Spring 2012
Jim Terborg '70

Alumnus dreams and works for a better Nigeria  —  Winter 2011
Michel "Danladi" Verheijen '97

Bridging the culture gap, diplomatically  —  Winter 2011
Todd Huizinga '80

Hearing voices  —  Winter 2011
Dorothy Van Andel Frisch '75

Into the blue  —  Winter 2011
Stephanie Kossen Koster '80

Re-Union Project  —  Winter 2011
Jenna Vanden Brink '09

Shaping education policy with big ideas and faith  —  Winter 2011
Fred Herfst '64

Waging a sunlight campaign  —  Winter 2011
Jeremy Konyndyk '99

A Canadian version of a Calvin alumni reunion  —  Fall 2011

Handcrafting a life in the Sacred Valley  —  Fall 2011
Kaitlyn Bohlin ’07

Hope after the storm  —  Fall 2011
John ex’75 and Gracie DeGroot Huitsing ex’74

Lake is better  —  Fall 2011
Becky Calsbeek Bell ’92 and Linda Klein Kenney ’82

Pashminas with a purpose  —  Fall 2011
Niki Buitenrust Hettema ’09

Teaching science to young minds--and hearts and bodies  —  Fall 2011
Doug Heetderks ’80 and Robert Heetderks ’55

Telling Yemen's story in the West  —  Fall 2011
James Robin King ’04

A passion for birds of prey  —  Summer 2011
Cheryl Rozema Dykstra ’88 and Robert Richard Dykstra ’88

An artist reflects on the healing hands of Jesus  —  Summer 2011
Edgar Boevé ’53 and Ervina Boevé ’46

Honing his vocation at The National Geographic Channels  —  Summer 2011
Drew Barrow ’07

Linking half notes and HTML  —  Summer 2011
Chris Snyder ’07

Revealing the awesome human form  —  Summer 2011
Roy Glover ’63

Support for those who stutter  —  Summer 2011
Ann Bosma Smit ’66

Where youths can dream, play and believe  —  Summer 2011
Donna Rajah Betten ’92 and Wendy Greenway Deurloo ’82

Banking their Calvin education  —  Spring 2011
Michelle Van Valkenburg Van Dyke ’85 and Mary Tuuk ’86

Crafting a partnership  —  Spring 2011
Ruth Ver Meer Stravers ex’50 and Joy Stravers Tigchelaar ’80

Garbage power  —  Spring 2011
Joel Zylstra ’87

Just 2,000 languages to go  —  Spring 2011
Don Hekman ’68

Learning to be a social entrepreneur  —  Spring 2011
Derrell Jackson ’01

Marathon man encourages healing  —  Spring 2011
Glenn Geelhoed ’64

Psych doc, embedded  —  Spring 2011
Mark Staal ’91

Sailing's in her blood  —  Spring 2011
Amanda Leese '10

A global thinker meets a compelling worldview  —  Winter 2010
Uche Ilobi '05

Distinctive education for Vancouver youths  —  Winter 2010
Paul Tigchelaar '80

In prime time  —  Winter 2010
J. Bernard Vander Ark ’55 and Lorraine Vaalburg Vander Ark ’56

Passionate wine master  —  Winter 2010
Melissa Stackhouse '88

The ethics of toys  —  Winter 2010
Rebecca Bamford ’97 and Trevor Westerhoff ’97

Unexpected all-star  —  Winter 2010
Gordon Van Haitsma '73 and Natasha Witte ’01

A photographic mind  —  Fall 2010
Roger Van Heyningen '51

Balancing the family books  —  Fall 2010
Roxanne Sterling Dudicz '02

Building a revolutionary bridge  —  Fall 2010
Stacey Washburn Vanden Bosch '92

Hamilton's arts engine  —  Fall 2010
Martinus Geleynse '07

Lifting music into the skies  —  Fall 2010
Joe Galema '76

Visioning the future of health care  —  Fall 2010
Carolyn Stoutmeyer Wilson ’81

Wheeling around the world  —  Fall 2010
Matt Getze '96

A changed heart inside prison walls  —  Summer 2010
Jim Vogelzang '72

Born to be a missionary  —  Summer 2010
Elly Admirral '95

Bringing medical imaging to Ugandans  —  Summer 2010
Kristen VanValkenburg De Stigter '84

Choosing film  —  Summer 2010
Karen Abad '07

DJ ministry  —  Summer 2010
Doug Curtis '02

Fighting blindness: A patient pursuit  —  Summer 2010
Dean Bok '60

From Knight to Saint  —  Summer 2010
Ian Tigchelaar '95

A giving musician gets compassion in kind  —  Spring 2010
Ralston Bowles '81

Artist at Last  —  Spring 2010
Warren DeVos '49

Beyond Photography  —  Spring 2010
Angle Beute Sliedrecht '99

Called to higher ground  —  Spring 2010
Bimala Shrestha Pokharel ’00

Drawn toward dangerous ground  —  Spring 2010
Cornelius lida ex'55 BD'62

Friend of nature  —  Spring 2010
Dave Newhouse '70

Guerrilla gardener  —  Spring 2010
Rich Strickwerda '64

On the Knoll

Calvin hosts first of four national championships  —  Summer 2015
Community unites to create ‘great experience’ in Van Noord Arena

Calvin selects next VP for student life  —  Summer 2015
Alumna Sarah Visser will focus on student growth, learning

Rangeela celebrates 20 years  —  Summer 2015
International student show leaves a ‘footmark’

Interim class asks all the hard questions  —  Spring 2015
Wiesel’s writings are focus of Holocaust course

Planting seeds of hope  —  Spring 2015
January Series inspires with the power of story

Calvin gets long-overdue press box  —  Winter 2014
Sports information director has spot to call home

Calvin’s incoming class boasts record diversity  —  Winter 2014
International and AHANA students make up 25 percent of student body

New kiln to transform art  —  Winter 2014
Donors, college support ceramics studio upgrade

Sociology prof begins nationwide study of Latino Protestants  —  Winter 2014
Research will provide insight on dynamic but little-known subgroup

Graduates aim to make a difference across the globe  —  Fall 2014
Almost 900 honored at Commencement

Records and a diploma  —  Fall 2014
Baseball standout will leave campus with both

Calvin reaches milestone; raises $25 million for debt relief  —  Summer 2014

New graphic design major approved  —  Summer 2014
Program is ‘wonderful compilation of several departments’

Provost search complete  —  Summer 2014
Cheryl Brandsen named Calvin’s chief academic adminstrator

Board approves college’s five-year strategic plan  —  Spring 2014
Document aims to strengthen mission, improve finances

Exchanging diverse ideas  —  Spring 2014
January Series once again encourages, challenges, inspires

Young alums share post-grad experiences via blog  —  Spring 2014
‘The post Calvin’ provides venue for writers to practice their craft

Business partners gather to support college  —  Winter 2013
Retired Detroit Lion Jason Hanson emboldens leaders

Calvin enrolls largest class since 2007  —  Winter 2013
Diversity at record level

Sharing success stories  —  Winter 2013
Alumni give more than money to student callers

Twins x two  —  Winter 2013
Cross country team doubly blessed

Commencement honors 850 grads  —  Fall 2013
Students encouraged to invest in the future

Bringing the station wagon back to life  —  Summer 2013
Incoming Calvin prof’s documentary draws acclaim

Calvin receives highest federal recognition for service learning  —  Summer 2013
Students log 55,000 volunteer hours

Goldwater tradition continues  —  Summer 2013
Students earn top research award

Welcome to Tree Campus USA  —  Summer 2013
College’s forest management, conservation goals earn recognition

A strategic plan of significance  —  Spring 2013
College’s financial realities a factor

An education in 15 days  —  Spring 2013
The January Series touches on diverse topics

Dorm displays honor former residents  —  Spring 2013
Annual fund donors recorded as Living Legacies

A duo of trios  —  Winter 2012
Sisters shape Calvin volleyball, basketball teams

Picture this  —  Winter 2012
'Calvin in 24' records a day in the life

Prof researches urban cycling in Europe  —  Winter 2012
Application to U.S. streets—including Grand Rapids—is desirable

Campus museum to display mineral magnificence  —  Fall 2012
Alumnus-geologist donates collection

Commencement honors more than 900 grads  —  Fall 2012
Students encouraged to ‘get wisdom’

DeVos Communication Center and Prince Conference Center turn ten  —  Fall 2012
A decade on the east side transforms campus

Calvin ranks second in study-abroad participants  —  Summer 2012
Off-campus programs widen the world

Partnership helps construct digital atlas of Ethiopia  —  Summer 2012
Senior teaches geographic software during interim

Student researchers claim prestigious awards  —  Summer 2012
Six honored in scientific fields

Board appoints Michael Le Roy president  —  Spring 2012
Synod approval necessary

Go-Gurt generation challenged by local food questions  —  Spring 2012
Interim class studies lifestyle choices

January Series presents timely, topical ideas  —  Spring 2012
Talks include psychology of technology, local food systems, urban school reform

Men’s soccer makes late-season run  —  Spring 2012
Knights claim national runner-up title

International student in the executive chair  —  Winter 2011
Accessibility key to election

Lacrosse promoted to varsity status  —  Winter 2011
Calvin joins MIAA in sponsoring competition for men, women

Presidential search reaches interview stage  —  Winter 2011
Alumni input proves valuable

Project plots every tree on main campus  —  Winter 2011
Collaborative student effort results in online map.

A blend of toughness and compassion  —  Fall 2011
Jane Hendriksma earns highest staff honor

Biology students garners major EPA research fellowship  —  Fall 2011
Restoration ecology becomes new focus

Commencement honors nearly 900 grads  —  Fall 2011
Class encouraged to live gratefully

HPERDS to kinesiology  —  Fall 2011
Name change reflects broad scope of department

Calvin senior wins regional business plan contest  —  Summer 2011
'Uptown Kitchen' idea bests competitors

Calvin ventures into South America  —  Summer 2011
Peru is destination for 12th study-abroad semester

Goldwater honor times four  —  Summer 2011
Student researchers earn prestigious awards

Spring break service trips popular among students  —  Summer 2011
Travel provides opportunity to 'dwell within a community'

Two Fulbrights, two continents  —  Summer 2011
Calvin professors to provide geography, theology resources

Calvin, Young Life form partnership  —  Spring 2011
Leadership project begins this summer

Genevan scholar donates volumes to library  —  Spring 2011
Gift enhanced John Calvin collection

January Series invites audience to listen, learn, discern  —  Spring 2011
Presenters offer eclectic mix of ideas

Students pitch entrepreneurial ideas- in 90 seconds  —  Spring 2011
Contest bolsters business curriculum

The Wednesday Wars comes to life  —  Spring 2011
Alum returns to direct play based on professor’s book

Campuswide Bible study builds community  —  Winter 2010
Faculty, staff, students examine Philippians

Community bicycle project takes off  —  Winter 2010
Yellow bikes provide free ride

Covenant Fine Arts Center opens its doors  —  Winter 2010
Auditorium renovation, new art gallery, recital hall unveiled

Hockey’s new home  —  Winter 2010
Knights applaud Eagles Ice Center addition

Calvin honors outstanding senior athletes  —  Fall 2010

College recognizes ‘indispensable’ biology lab manager  —  Fall 2010
Lori Keen earns Spoelhof achievement award

Commencement honors 955 graduates  —  Fall 2010

Documents defining stance on academic freedom approved  —  Fall 2010
Deliberations after trustee statement go well

Expanding his options  —  Fall 2010
Internship provides opportunity for big-city life

Latin class moves beyond status quo  —  Fall 2010
Calvin to launch online vocabulary instruction

Books: Eat ’em up!  —  Summer 2010

Calvin students create national atlases  —  Summer 2010
Online resource benefits developing nations

Name that hymn  —  Summer 2010
Web site’s keyboard allows users to match tunes to words

Rangeela: A colorful life  —  Summer 2010
Annual international show continues to unite cultures

Two Calvin scholars land Fulbrights  —  Summer 2010
Research to focus on AIDS advocacy, Netherlands documentaries

A Kiva for Calvin  —  Spring 2010
Staff, students unite to empower entrepreneurs

Calvin music professor edits new hymnal  —  Spring 2010
Classical hymns listed in chronological order

New chaplain installed  —  Spring 2010
Mary Hulst claims role as college’s spiritual leader

ROTC students combine military preparation with Calvin education  —  Spring 2010
15 cadets train for possible future combat

Students find value in interim  —  Spring 2010
‘Movies and Mental Illness’ teaches about cultural influence

Tugging on Ben Franklin’s vest  —  Spring 2010
English prof unravels history of Founding Father’s son

Alumni Awards

Mike Mantel '83  —  Winter 2014
Distinguished Alumni Award

Silas Cheuk '62  —  Winter 2014
Distinguished Alumni Award

Henry William “Bill” Dungey ’87  —  Fall 2014
Outstanding Service Award

Tom Hoeksema ’68  —  Fall 2014
Faith and Learning Award

James VanderKam ’68  —  Fall 2013
Distinguished Alumni Award

Mike Meekhof ’76, Ardy Meekhof ’76 and Kathy Bosscher ’68  —  Fall 2013
Distinguished Alumni Award

Randal Jelks  —  Summer 2013
Faith and Learning Award

Ron Baylor '77  —  Spring 2013
Outstanding Service Award

Ilga Svechs ’58  —  Fall 2012
Distinguished Alumni Award

John Booy '74  —  Fall 2012
Distinguished Alumni Award

David Holwerda ’53  —  Summer 2012
Faith and Learning Award

James Strikwerda '49 and Dolly Hofman Strikwerda '50  —  Spring 2012
Outstanding Service Award

Rick DeVos '04  —  Winter 2011
Horizon Award for outstanding young alumni business professionals

Mary Vermeer Andringa '72  —  Fall 2011
Distinguished Alumni Award

Robert Rooy '70  —  Fall 2011
Distinguished Alumni Award

Barbara Carvill  —  Spring 2011
Faith and Learning Award

Ken Wigboldy '79 and Paula Tuinstra Wigboldy '80  —  Spring 2011
Outstanding Service Award

Heather Van Dyke-Titus '97, Jackson Van Dyke '03 and Barry Van Dyke '05  —  Winter 2010
Horizon Award for outstanding young alumni business professionals

Director's Desk

Words from the wise  —  Summer 2015
Reading creation and scripture

Singing a Calvin Song  —  Spring 2015
Can a song connect us?

A crash leads to a career  —  Winter 2014

Decoration Day  —  Fall 2014

Mentors matter  —  Summer 2014

A new Calvin legacy  —  Spring 2014
Increased scholarships encourage prospective students

Do you know the way from San Jose?  —  Winter 2013

Strategic Conversation  —  Fall 2013
President shares key components of plan

Blessed are the peacemakers  —  Summer 2013
Reflections on a pilgrimage

Feebs  —  Spring 2013
Calvin's inimitable sports information director

ReCommend ONE  —  Fall 2012
Tell us about your "ONE"

Wally  —  Summer 2012
Longtime colleague leaves a blessing of wise counsel and much grace

A surprising president-elect  —  Spring 2012
Michael K. Le Roy to become 10th president of Calvin College

A very fast 25 years  —  Winter 2011
Brian Diemer and Al Hoekstra, coaches and dynamic duo

The ninth president  —  Fall 2011

The concert that almost no one heard  —  Summer 2011

Rhymes and reasons  —  Spring 2011

A Mother's Vigil  —  Winter 2010

The Calvin professor's seat  —  Fall 2010

The heart of it all  —  Summer 2010

A prayer for Haiti  —  Spring 2010

Letters to the editor

Letters to the Editor 2015 Summer  —  Summer 2015

Letters to the Editor 2015 Spring  —  Spring 2015

Letters to the Editor 2014 Winter  —  Winter 2014

Letters to the Editor 2014 Fall  —  Fall 2014

Letters to the Editor 2014 Summer  —  Summer 2014

Letters to the Editor 2014 Spring  —  Spring 2014

Letters to the Editor 2013 Winter  —  Winter 2013

Letters to the Editor 2013 Fall  —  Fall 2013

Letters to the Editor 2013 Summer  —  Summer 2013

Letters to the Editor 2013 Spring  —  Spring 2013

Letters to the Editor 2012 Winter  —  Winter 2012

Letters to the Editor 2012 Fall  —  Fall 2012

Letters to the Editor 2012 Summer  —  Summer 2012

Letters to the Editor 2012 Spring  —  Spring 2012

Letters to the Editor 2011 Winter  —  Winter 2011

Letters to the Editor 2011 Fall  —  Fall 2011

Letters to the Editor 2011 Summer  —  Summer 2011

Letters to the Editor 2011 Spring  —  Spring 2011

Letters to the Editor 2010 Winter  —  Winter 2010

Letters to the Editor 2010 Fall  —  Fall 2010

Letters to the editor 2010 Summer  —  Summer 2010

Letters to the editor 2010 Spring  —  Spring 2010

From the bookshelf

Yes, And!: Harnessing the Power of Improvisation to Transform Your Life and Work  —  Summer 2015
by Mary Jane Pories ’78

Over Time: Coach Katte on Basketball and Life  —  Spring 2015
by Dick Katte ’58 and Mark Wolf

The Last of the Blacksmiths  —  Winter 2014
by Claire Patterson Gebben ’80

A Biblical Understanding of Pain  —  Fall 2014
John Timmerman ’67, Calvin English professor emeritus

Holland Michigan: From Dutch Colony to Dynamic City  —  Summer 2014
by Robert P. Swierenga ’57

The Dove in Bathurst Station  —  Spring 2014
by Patricia Westerhof ’85

Discipleship in the Present Tense: Reflections on Faith and Culture  —  Winter 2013
by James K.A. Smith, Calvin philosophy professor

Abraham Kuyper: Modern Calvinist, Christian Democrat  —  Fall 2013
by James D. Bratt ’71, Calvin history professor

Of Games & God: A Christian Exploration of Video Games  —  Summer 2013
by Kevin Schut ’96

Dirt Work: An Education in the Woods  —  Spring 2013
by Christine Byl ’95

Reforming Hollywood: How American Protestants Fought for Freedom at the Movies  —  Winter 2012
by William Romanowski

Refereeing Identity: The Cultural Work of Canadian Hockey Novels  —  Fall 2012
by Michael Buma ’01

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible  —  Summer 2012
by James C. VanderKam ’68 BD’71

Okay for Now  —  Spring 2012
by Gary D. Schmidt, Calvin English professor

Receiving David: The Gift of a Son Who Taught Us How to Live and Love  —  Winter 2011
by Faye Sybesma Knol ex '77

Garbio  —  Fall 2011
by Larry Vander Leest '70, illustrated by Paul Stoub '71

Talking with God: Prayers, Meditations and Conversations for God-seekers  —  Summer 2011
by Henry Baron '60, Calvin English professor emeritus

Letters to a Young Calvinist: An Invitation to the Reformed Tradition  —  Spring 2011
by James K. A. Smith, Calvin philosophy professor

Dwelling with Philippians  —  Winter 2010
edited by Elizabeth Steele Halstead '85, Paul Detterman, Joyce Borger '95 and John D. Witvliet '90

How to write powerful college student resumes and cover letters  —  Fall 2010
by Quentin J. Schultze and Bethany Kim

Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Formation  —  Summer 2010
by James K. A. Smith

Glittering Vices: A New Look at the Seven Deadly Sins and their Remedies  —  Spring 2010
by Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung '93

Calvin Network

25 Classic years  —  Summer 2015
Anniversary-year race draws over 1,250

Colorado service joins alums and students  —  Summer 2015

Pursuing Shalom  —  Summer 2015
Reflections from Calvin’s first Young Alumni Award recipient, Katelyn Beaty

Reunions get emotional—and hilarious  —  Spring 2015

The Knights bring smiles everywhere  —  Spring 2015
Rivalry game features big win and national attention

Alumni and students to serve in Colorado  —  Winter 2014
First-time partnership in March 2015

Alumni Board looks at data, diversity and digital delivery  —  Winter 2014
First meeting spurs numerous projects

Coming home to Calvin  —  Winter 2014
Homecoming/Family Weekend 2014

C Club honors former president Tony Diekema  —  Fall 2014

Meaningful memories mark ’64 reunion  —  Fall 2014
50-year gathering reunites class

Cuba and Israel provide ‘unparalleled education’  —  Summer 2014

Grant funds Prism revival  —  Summer 2014
Yearbook editors hope to garner student interest

Spring Classic draws big crowd, adds handcyclists  —  Summer 2014

Calvin-Hope game brings alumni together  —  Spring 2014
Early-year matchup featured in 77 locations worldwide

Chicago continues to draw Calvin grads  —  Spring 2014
Second annual career fair demonstrates connection

Dialogue on Christian education brings Calvin to Hong Kong  —  Spring 2014
Vice presidents talk with educators, advocates

Alumni leaders note Calvin’s new student profile  —  Winter 2013
Multicultural and international topics highlighted

German travelers unite  —  Winter 2013
40 years of interim abroad travel celebrated

Homecoming and Family Weekend 2013  —  Winter 2013
Highlights include class reunions, nurses gathering, ‘Town Hall’

Awards Knight puts exclamation mark on C Club year  —  Fall 2013
New alumni athletes group scores big with students

Class of ’63 packs the place  —  Fall 2013
50-year reunion draws a record attendance to Calvin

Spring Classic tops 1,600 participants  —  Fall 2013
5k run/walk on campus continues to grow

A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land  —  Summer 2013
Alumni tour to Israel changes lives

Art comes alive in Bay Area, Seattle, L.A.  —  Summer 2013
Professor Henry Luttikhuizen hits the road

Calvin-Hope rivalry reaches Northern Ireland  —  Summer 2013
Belfast couple watch from afar after meeting at 2007 game

Alumni choir inspires lakeshore audience  —  Spring 2013
Concerts 'Celebrate Life'

Denver alumni meet van Gogh, host women's hoops team  —  Spring 2013
Local hospitality appreciated

Korean Alumni Network takes off  —  Spring 2013
Leaders plan to raise Calvin visibility

Alums support ‘Average Joe’  —  Winter 2012
Scholarship recognizes alternatively gifted students

C Club at the starting line  —  Winter 2012
First alumni group for athletes set to build memberships

Chicago businesses welcome students  —  Winter 2012
First career fair in the city draws positive reviews

Connect, support and inspire  —  Winter 2012
Members shed committees for working groups

Econ alums connect and confer  —  Fall 2012
First-ever department conference a success

Is civil discourse possible in today’s politics?  —  Fall 2012
Alumni-faculty study team comes to a positive conclusion

For the Gloryland  —  Summer 2012
Alumni musicians combine efforts on gospel recording

Paperless publicity gets alums out to cheer  —  Summer 2012
Record 87 sites for 'The Rivalry'

Alumni Choir celebrates 35 years of choral excellence  —  Spring 2012
From a small beginning, large musical results

Alumni board emphasizes connection  —  Winter 2011
‘Network’ theme runs through meetings

Grads join students in service  —  Winter 2011
Alumni association launches StreetFest International coast to coast

Travel brings a world of opportunities  —  Winter 2011
Association renews long-dormant program

Coach produces new devotional book  —  Fall 2011
Volume focuses on life of Joshua

Business students visit Chicago businesses  —  Summer 2011
Alumni hosts share insights

A simple conversation changes a life  —  Spring 2011
Calvin grad’s recommendation brings student to campus

Capella alumni make a joyful sound  —  Spring 2011
Largest affinity reunion ever at Calvin

Career comment

Transition readiness/mission readiness  —  Summer 2014

From resentment to gratitude  —  Winter 2013

Gratitude  —  Summer 2013