Table of Contents

Summer 2012


A Collective Sigh
A burgeoning recreational respite, Camp Waltman Lake unites staff and volunteers to reclaim the retreat from the mischief of mice and damages of time

Behind the Bars
Lessons from Calvin extend to newfound prison seminary

Generosity and Gratitude
Gaylen and Susan Byker leave a home in the heart of the campus

Director's Desk

Longtime colleague leaves a blessing of wise counsel and much grace

On the Knoll

Calvin ranks second in study-abroad participants
Off-campus programs widen the world

Partnership helps construct digital atlas of Ethiopia
Senior teaches geographic software during interim

Student researchers claim prestigious awards
Six honored in scientific fields

From the Bookshelf

Alumni Profiles

Boom or bust—it’s all a blessing
Sina Seng ’92

Conversion takes him up Kilimanjaro
John deVries ’66

Fix-it ministry
Roy Gritter ’51

Getting Google
Nathan Beach ’08

Have flute, will travel
Camilla Hoitenga ’76

One billion trees—and counting
Dirk Brinkman '68

Video games go to the theater
Brenda Bakker Harger ’82

Calvin Network

For the Gloryland
Alumni musicians combine efforts on gospel recording

Paperless publicity gets alums out to cheer
Record 87 sites for 'The Rivalry'