Andy W. Schrier Memorial Scholarship recipient

Chantelle Yazzie

Chantelle is a Senior Social Work major from New Mexico. This is her second year as a recipient of the Schrier scholarship as she continues to be committed to promoting social justice and overall renewal within the communities of Grand Rapids. Throughout her time at Calvin, Chantelle has served both on and off campus addressing issues of racism, discrimination, and sexual assault prevention. She has also served through the Hispanic Center, Family Futures, and ICCF (Inner-City Christian Federation). Chantelle states, “My experiences here at Calvin have taught me that all levels of assistance will make a difference. Whether you are donating a building for renovation or several hours of the day to take care of children, it all makes a difference to someone.” “I may not be able to solve all the world’s problems but I can start with helping others with their first step and that is just as important.”