About StreetFest

StreetFest is a one-time co-curricular service-learning opportunity that occurs during our first-year student orientation program, Quest. During StreetFest, we explore our call of doing God’s work in God’s world by joining over 60 community organizations in their work in the city of Grand Rapids. StreetFest will be on Thursday, August 29 this year. 

This past year's StreetFest theme was Stepping Out: loving the city. learning from neighbors. living the call. In Matthew 14:22-33, Peter steps out of the boat and joins Jesus to walk on water. As Christians, we are called to take a courageous step of faith out of our comfort zones. Despite temptation to remain complacent within our comfortable boundaries, we can choose to walk alongside God as he works in and through the world. StreetFest is a peek into the wondrous city of Grand Rapids that will now be home for first-year students, and an opportunity to walk with and learn from people that are working in it. In stepping out of our comfort zones, we acknowledge our human limitations: we cannot know or do everything. Through working with each other, however, we embrace the experience, skills, and knowledge of others. Although StreetFest is a one-time opportunity, we hope that it challenges students to accept the life-long work of God in and around them. 

Here is a basic schedule of the day:

Time Activity
8:15am Check-In
9:00am Opening Chapel
10:00am Introduction to Grand Rapids
11:00am Pick up Lunches and Transportation to Work Site
11:30am Arrive at Work Site
11:35am Lunch & Agency Orientation
12:00pm Serve and Learn Together
3:00pm Time of Reflection
3:30pm Transportation to Calvin
4:00pm Arrive at Calvin

To learn more about StreetFest including past years' themes, click here for our StreetFest history page.