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Upcoming Conferences

Symposium on Common Grace in Business

Friday, October 31, 2014
Prince Conference Center, Calvin College

Hosted by the Calvin College Business Department.

The Symposium on Common Grace in Business will bring members of the faith, academic, and business communities together to explore and consider Abraham Kuyper's works on common grace and how it applies to various business disciplines. The event will also celebrate the publication of the Acton Institute's first translation of Kuyper's works on common grace in English.

Several high profile scholars and business persons are slated to attend and present at the event, including keynote presentations by Dr. Richard Mouw and Dr. Peter Heslam.

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Due to changes in our staffing and program model, we are not accepting new business for conference planning services.

In the past, our office has partnered with other departments on campus to offer high-quality academic conferences and events at Calvin College.

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