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2013 Seminars

Los Protestantes: Latino Protestantism in the United States
June 24 - 28, 2013

Directed by: Juan Francisco Martínez, Fuller Theological Seminary

Sponsored by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship with funding by Lilly Endowment, Inc.

Seminar Description

Los Protestantes: Latino Protestantism in the United States will look at the U.S. Latino community through missional eyes. How are Latino Protestants a part of what God is doing in the U.S. today? What are the issues that ministry and mission among Latinos bring to the table? The seminar will use lectures, readings, videos, case studies, small groups discussions and similar activities to help participants think through the issues they face as they serve among Latinos in the U.S.

Application Components

This seminar is geared to people who have experience ministering in the US Latino community and wish to address some of the complex issues related to Protestant ministry among Latinos. Participants will be expected to draw from their own experiences and present their ministries as case studies. To be accepted into the seminar they will need to present an active case study as part of their application process.

About the Director

Juan Martínez has been a part of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California since 2001. His academic research and ministry focuses on Latino Protestantism in the United States. He has studied issues of acculturation, transnationalism, ministry models and historical frameworks for Protestant mission in the Latino community. He is particularly interested in Latino Protestant identity within the US experience and how that impacts Protestant understandings of church, mission, ministry and leadership development. Juan is an ordained Mennonite Brethren pastor and has been a pastor, church planter, director of a Bible Institute and Rector of a seminary in Guatemala. Juan and his wife Olga have two grown children, Xaris and Josué and one daughter-in-law, Jackie.

Application Information

Applicant Information, including who may apply and how to apply, can be found here.

The application deadline was February 22, 2013. We are no longer accepting applications.


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