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2013 Seminars

Eastern Orthodoxy for the West
July 8 - 19, 2013

Directed by: William Abraham, Southern Methodist University &
Paul L. Gavrilyuk, University of St. Thomas

Funds provided by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship with funding by Lilly Endowment, Inc.

Seminar Description

This seminar introduces Western Christians to select themes in Eastern Orthodox theology. It also offers an enriching ecumenical discussion of points of doctrinal convergence and difference, with a view of identifying the resources for renewal of Christian life. The topics include the retrieval of the Church Fathers, doctrinal authority and the role of tradition in the church, understandings of salvation, and East and West liturgical theology and church renewal.

About the Directors

William J. Abraham is the Albert Cook Outler Professor of Wesley Studies and Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor at Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, in Dallas, Texas. Among his books are Canon and Criterion in Christian Theology (Oxford, 1998) and Crossing the Threshold of Divine Revelation (Eerdmans, 2006).  Over the years he has immersed himself in the Orthodox tradition as a sympathetic observer and critic.  His encounter with the life and work of Khomiakov, the great nineteenth century lay theologian of Russia, transformed his theology, which now integrates what he has learned from Orthodoxy into his philosophical and Methodist formation. He is working on a multi-volume project on divine agency and divine action, which is integral to his work in Analytic Theology.

Paul Gavrilyuk is an Eastern Orthodox theologian and church historian who teaches historical theology and Eastern Christianity at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. He received his doctorate in religious studies from Southern Methodist University, studying under Professor Abraham. Dr. Gavrilyuk’s books include The Suffering of the Impassible God (Oxford, 2004), A History of the Catechumenate in the Early Church (Le Cerf, 2008; in French and Russian), and The Spiritual Senses: Perceiving God in Western Christianity co-edited with Sarah Coakley (Cambridge, 2012). Dr. Gavrilyuk and Dr. Abraham have taught together in the United States, Kazakhstan and Costa Rica.


Application Information

Applicant Information, including who may apply and how to apply, can be found here.

The application deadline was February 22, 2013. We are no longer accepting applications.


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