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2013 Conference

IAPCHE International Conference

Internationalizing Christian Higher Education
May 23-25, 2013
Prince Conference Center, Calvin College
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

This is an international conference organized by the International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education (IAPCHE) and hosted by Calvin College.

Thank you for your interest. We are no longer accepting proposals. The proposal deadline was January 11, 2013.

Call for Proposals

Conference Theme:

With the increased flow of people, goods, ideas, and capital around the world, we all now experience connections to multiple areas of the world. At the same time, the center of Christianity has shifted from the North Atlantic region toward regions south and east of there.  In North America and Western Europe, the fastest growing congregations are those with immigrants from Africa, Asia, and Latin America. More students everywhere are studying or serving abroad than students did three decades ago, and immigration across national borders continues to grow.

Such changes pose challenges and opportunities for Christian higher education, particularly as institutions seek to prepare and equip students, faculty, and staff to be effective global citizens. Much of this work of internationalizing higher education, however, seems to be spearheaded by large public institutions, with relatively less of it happening within Christian higher education.

This conference is intended to explore the effects of internationalization on Christian higher education institutions around the world.  How are Christian institutions preparing their students to respond to an increasingly global and interconnected world? What does internationalization mean in the context of Christian higher education? What do faculty member selection, support, and development entail when institutions internationalize? What are some of the strategies and even challenges for deep theological, cultural, and academic reflections that Christian institutions are engaging to assist in re-entry programs for students and faculty returning from various intercultural experiences? In what ways are Christian institutions successfully preparing their campuses to be hospitable to international students, faculty, and scholars? How are institutions developing pre-experience orientation and on-site cultural understandings so as to enhance the learning availed through such opportunities? Is extending institutional reach globally best served through partnerships with local institutions or through building satellite campuses abroad? How might the use of emerging communication and media tools such as Skype,, webinars, and online courses, among others, aid such partnerships in both teaching and scholarship? 

These and other related questions are the focus of this international conference and is seeking participants from around the world who will examine how their institutions have approached the multiple facets of internationalization, focusing not only on successes but also on challenges and failures. The conference theme is deliberately broad to allow participants to address the research, pedagogical, outreach, and administrative strategies undertaken in internationalizing Christian higher education.

Proposal Session Options

Panel Sessions
Participants are invited to propose panel sessions related to the theme of the conference. Sessions will be 90 minutes in length and should be planned in such a way as to provide an in depth review and discussion of specific programs or particular issues that would be of interest to participants from different institutions. Accounts of actual experiences and examples of programs or initiatives are especially encouraged. Panels should have up to three participants plus a moderator.

Paper Submissions
Proposals are invited for paper presentations that explore diverse theoretical and practical aspects of internationalizing Christian education. Paper presentations will be allocated a total of 20 minutes and will be grouped into sets of similar topics or approaches.

Concurrent Campus Presentations
Proposals are invited from institutions willing to share their specific strategies, practices, and experiences of internationalization taking place on their own campuses. This is an opportunity to showcase what your institution is doing and also have an exchange of ideas and strategies with colleagues from other institutions and geographic locations pursuing similar programs and initiatives. These sessions will be scheduled for 90 minutes and are open to all participants.




Important Information

Proposal deadline: was January 11, 2013.


Registration Information:

Conference registration will open on January 15, 2013.

IAPCHE Members: $150
Non-IAPCHE Members: $170
Pre-Conference Workshop: $25 (includes reading materials)

Registration includes materials and meals.