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2011 Seminars

Philosophy of Religion (For Russian, Ukraine, and Belarus Scholars)
July 9 - July 30, 2011

Directed by:
Dr. Michael Rota, Dr. Kenneth W. Kemp
(University of St. Thomas)

Sponsored by the Society of Christian Philosophers

Funding provided by the John Templeton Foundation

Seminar Description

The summer seminar in philosophy of religion will focus on recent work among English-speaking philosophers in the area of philosophy of religion.  Topics and speakers will include Alvin Plantinga on the epistemology of religious belief, Eleonore Stump on the problem of evil, Richard Swinburne on theistic argumentation, Jeff Brower on divine simplicity, and Del Ratzsch on science and religion. Each participant will be encouraged to undertake a research project on his or her own in the area of philosophy of religion or philosophical theology.

About the Directors

Dr. Rota received his BA from Stanford University, and his PhD from Saint Louis University, where he focused on medieval philosophy and contemporary analytic metaphysics. He has published on the cosmological argument, the fine-tuning argument, the dilemma of divine foreknowledge and human freedom, the metaphysics of causation, and on various aspects of Aquinas’s thought, in such journals as Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, the Monist, Religious Studies, History of Philosophy Quarterly, and Faith and Philosophy.

Professor Kemp studied Slavic Linguistics at Georgetown University and at the University of Texas at Austin before turning to philosophy, which he studied at St. John’s College (Annapolis) and at the University of Notre Dame. He has taught at the United States Air Force Academy and at Texas A&M University. For the last twenty-one years he has taught at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. His particular areas of research interest are ethics and the relation between science and religion. He is currently working on a book on evolution and creation. His long-standing interest in East and East-Central Europe has taken him frequently to Ukraine and Poland and, less frequently, to Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, and Kosovo. He is chair of the Society of Christian Philosophers’ Outreach Committee for Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

Guest Speakers

The Directors have invited several guests to speak on the topic.

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