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Conference on Christianity, Culture, and Diversity in America: Educating for Shalom
November 5 - 7, 2010
Prince Conference Center, Calvin College

The Context

The Office for Multicultural Affairs at Calvin College in conjunction with the CCCDA is hosting the 2010 Conference on Christianity, Culture, and Diversity in America: Educating for Shalom. The Conference on Christianity, Culture, and Diversity in America (CCCDA) was founded in 2004 by an organizing committee led by Dr. Mary Alice Trent of Oral Roberts University. The conference is dedicated to exploring how Christ-centered higher education speaks to the challenges of human diversity. Building upon a foundational perspective that celebrates the multifaceted diversity present in the Kingdom of God, the CCCDA seeks to explore the intersections of Christian faith, human diversity, scholarship, academic life, and social practice through the presentation of research findings, informative presentations, and community building worship. The conferences are interdisciplinary and cover topics of diversity generally, but not exclusively, within a North American. The conference is open to the faculty, staff, and students of both private and public colleges and universities.

The Vision

A supportive academic environment where members of the Body of Christ–Christian scholars, educators, administrators, staff, and students–can share their ideas and scholarship on what it means to be ministers of reconciliation in this present age. Equipping ourselves with the knowledge, the skills, and the attitudes that can assist in righting what’s wrong, in transforming what’s corrupted, and in doing the things that make for peace and reconciliation in a world broken by racism, classism, sexism, ageism, and ableism. The purpose of this conference is to explore what it means to be educators for shalom on college campuses and in the world around us.

The Conference Schedule

A brief view of the conference schedule and biographies of the speakers is available.

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