2nd Period Play-by-Play

  ADRIAN vs. Calvin College
  Date: Oct 21, 2014 • Site: Grand Rapids, MI

2nd Period Play-by-Play
 Start of 2nd period [45:00].
 For CALVINM: #5 Nick Groenewold, #6 Sean Broekhuizen, #22 Reed Bowden, #7 Matt Hinds, #21 Stephan Hooker, #10 Travis Vegter, #26 Isky Van Doorne, #28 Niko Giantsopoulos, #17 David Waterson, #20 Jon Filippini, #11 Mitch Stark.
 For ADRIANM: #19 Connor Grattan, #5 Grant Scovel, #20 Riley Jackson, #8 Aaron Rife, #6 Sean Cain, #9 Ambrose DiGiovanni, #18 Marcello Mancini, #2 Bayden Lee, #15 Shayan Shushtari, #12 Nick Minshall, #00 Lino Taormina.
[50:14]  Header GOAL by CALVINM Travis Vegter, Assist by Matt Hinds, goal number 18 for season.
Calvin College 3, ADRIAN 0
 *header off cross
[52:04]  GOAL by CALVINM Stephan Hooker, Assist by Mitch Stark, goal number 8 for season.
Calvin College 4, ADRIAN 0
 *goal from edge of box
[52:05]  ADRIANM substitution: Ryan Kissel for Ambrose DiGiovanni.
[52:05]  ADRIANM substitution: Kyle Boggs for Shayan Shushtari.
[54:08]  Shot by CALVINM Reed Bowden HIGH.
[55:41]  Shot by ADRIANM Nick Minshall, SAVE Niko Giantsopoulos.
 Corner kick by ADRIANM Sean Cain [56:08].
[57:32]  Shot by CALVINM Travis Vegter, SAVE TEAM.
[58:36]  ADRIANM substitution: Nick Marsh for Marcello Mancini.
[59:22]  Shot by CALVINM Travis Vegter BLOCKED.
 Foul on ADRIAN.
[60:13]  CALVINM Stephan Hooker PENALTY KICK GOAL, goal number 9 for season.
Calvin College 5, ADRIAN 0
 Foul on Calvin College.
[63:46]  CALVINM substitution: Sam Hanover for Stephan Hooker.
[63:46]  ADRIANM substitution: James Ruby for Lino Taormina.
[64:02]  James Ruby at goalie for ADRIAN.
[65:38]  Shot by CALVINM Travis Vegter WIDE RIGHT.
[65:42]  CALVINM substitution: Micah Beard for Travis Vegter.
[65:42]  ADRIANM substitution: Shayan Shushtari for Ryan Kissel.
 Corner kick by CALVINM Matt Hinds [67:28].
 Foul on ADRIAN.
[68:34]  CALVINM substitution: Gerrit Schaap for David Waterson.
[68:34]  CALVINM substitution: Lance Van Tine for Reed Bowden.
[69:15]  Shot by CALVINM Isky Van Doorne WIDE RIGHT.
[69:23]  CALVINM substitution: Austin Jorritsma for Isky Van Doorne.
[70:31]  Shot by CALVINM Micah Beard BLOCKED.
[73:46]  CALVINM substitution: Nolan Dubois for Mitch Stark.
 Corner kick by CALVINM Matt Hinds [74:04].
 Foul on ADRIAN.
[76:28]  Yellow card on ADRIANM Nick Minshall.
[77:44]  ADRIANM substitution: Ambrose DiGiovanni for Bayden Lee.
[79:28]  GOAL by CALVINM Sam Hanover, Assist by Austin Jorritsma, goal number 2 for season.
Calvin College 6, ADRIAN 0
 *goal into lower left corner of net
 Foul on ADRIAN.
[80:42]  Shot by CALVINM Sam Hanover, SAVE James Ruby.
[81:59]  Shot by CALVINM Austin Jorritsma WIDE RIGHT.
 Foul on Calvin College.
[83:51]  CALVINM substitution: Adrien Mary for Sam Hanover.
[84:46]  Shot by CALVINM Adrien Mary, SAVE James Ruby.
[85:45]  CALVINM substitution: Jay Noyola for Sean Broekhuizen.
 Corner kick by CALVINM Adrien Mary [86:03].
[86:45]  Shot by CALVINM Nolan Dubois HIGH.
[87:20]  Shot by CALVINM Austin Jorritsma, SAVE James Ruby.
 Foul on Calvin College.
[88:48]  Offside against Calvin College.
[89:27]  CALVINM substitution: John Admiraal for Gerrit Schaap.
[89:27]  ADRIANM substitution: Crystal Brown for Nick Minshall.
[89:50]  Shot by CALVINM Lance Van Tine HIGH.
 End of period [90:00].