La Dispute

La Dispute


Don't call this an art project.
this is science, this is progress.
and don't pretend these are heartfelt words,
we are children dressed as surgeons
but disturbed by the sight of our scars.
and now we carry scalpels to trace the scarring
resting somewhere on the line between my house,
your heart and into your home.
where you lay sleeping like a ceiling fan in winter,
gently turning as the wind reaches its fingers through the window
just to hold you, like i held you.
pressed like a rose between my fingers or like stones
i keep in pockets meant to weigh me underwater.

La Dispute, “The Surgeon and the Scientist”

La Dispute’s lyrics often sound more fitting for a book of poetry than heavy metal music, as the band creates a beautiful marriage between thoughtfully crafted words and the electricity of heavy metal.

Born and raised right here in the Grand Rapids area, the five band members are creatively bending the heavy metal genre and spreading their music throughout the world with their newfound musical success. The band was created in 2005 and released their first full-length album Vancouver the following year. In 2008 the next album, Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair, was released. La Dispute is especially well known for offering an intense live performance, with Jordan Dreyer’s vocals leading the way; guitars, played by Chad Sterenburg and Kevin Whittemore, creating a vibrant emotional canvas, enhanced by Adam Vass on the drums.

Drawing from heavy metal and screamo influences, La Dispute is multi-faceted, combining provocative poetry, intense guitar riffs, drum lines and powerful stage presence to move the audience with an explosion of sound. Their work has been compared to that of mewithoutyou and Haste the Day for both style and religious intonations. La Dispute is a band that is passionate about their art and appreciative of their audiences and they’ll undoubtedly deliver an excellent show.

- Bethany Sanders

Calvin Performances

  • La Dispute: A Seated Alternative Show
    Apr 7; 8pm, CFAC Auditorium
    $20 public; $5 w/ Calvin ID
  • with Koji & Native
    Oct 8; 8pm, Ladies Lit
    $8 public; $5 w/ Calvin ID