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Screen Savers - Help (for Microsoft Windows)
  1. Download the screensaver installer to your computer's desktop.

  2. Double click on the installer icon.
    The program will install the screensaver program and start the screen saver running automatically on your computer.

  3. After installation is complete, the installation program you double-clicked on your desktop can now be deleted or thrown away.

  4. Your Windows Properties Panel will control the settings for the Calvin College screensaver just like any other Windows' screensaver.

  5. To open Window properties right-click anywhere on your computer's desktop and choose Properties >> Screen Saver
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Step 5
  1. Click your Windows Start Menu

  2. Choose Settings

  3. Choose Control Panel

  4. In the Control Panel select Add/Remove Programs

  5. In Add/Remove Programs, select calvinscreensaver4

  6. Press Add/Remove button

  7. Press OK

  8. Close Add/Remove window

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Step 1-3

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Steps 4-7