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Gary Voorman '50 and Lois Poppen Voorman '51 live in California, where they are active in Calvary Christian Reformed Church. Lois sings, teaches, mentors and has a prayer ministry. Gary is retired from his psychiatric clinic and is involved with the church. Both enjoy traveling.

Lambertus Smith '40 lives in San Antonio, Texas, with his wife, Maribel. They enjoy traveling in the Caribbean area.

Angelyn Euwema Keegstra '41 and Robert Keegstra ex'40 celebrated 60 years of marriage recently and the publication of her new book, Twelve Baskets of Leftovers: Recycling God's Blessings. It is a daily devotional book. The book focuses on the theme that the common, every day things we use, people we interact with, locations we find ourselves and relationships can bless us. These blessings must be passed on to others to bless them and ourselves as we share God's grace and love. The book is available from the Calvin bookstore or the author at 616-984-2056.

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