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1950's: Class Notes

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In May of this year, Marcia Cooper Meulenberg ex'58, traveled to Europe with her son Dan Meulenberg '86, his wife Lori Tebben Meulenberg '85, their two girls Sophia and Jennie, and Marcia's daughter Mary Meulenberg '90. They spent a week in Leiden, The Netherlands, and took day trips from there-most notably to Keukenhof gardens to see the thousands of tulip bulbs in bloom! The gardens were a highlight of the trip. After Holland, the family went on to Paris, France and ended their travels in Heidelberg, Germany. The Meulenbergs share a rich history of education at Calvin. Their father Dan Meulenberg '65 was unable to make the trip due to illness.

Grace Wiers Tuls '55 and Jack Tuls '56, who have been volunteering in ministries since 1984, spent three weeks in Batagai, Siberia, with Remote Area Ministries (RAM). Batagai is a former Soviet Death Camp where the Tuls plan to start a Bible School.

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