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  Feature Stories - Winter 2002

Grey Matters
When Stu and Mary Greydanus come to Grand Rapids from Florida they look forward to seeing their kids. Their two daughters know that doesn't mean them—or only them.

Stu and Mary Greydanus with Calvin students

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Memorial Service for Lew Smedes on January 27, 2003


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Suzi Bos

Coffee Grounds
Calvin alumni in the coffee business will tell you there's a whole lot more to the industry than finding a corner far enough away from Starbucks.

A Lofty Classroom for Leaders
Envision an experience where the backdrop for every view is majestic mountain peaks. This is the "classroom" that 29 Calvin students found themselves in this summer.

Jessica Bratt
More Stories from the Winter Issue

Living and Writing ADHD
John Timmerman explores his own and others' experience with living with ADHD

Stepping East
Dedicating the DeVos and Prince Centers
Calvin Remembers September 11
Chaplain Herm Keizer speaks on "In Terror - God With Us"
In Memoriam
Remembering Edwin Van Kley
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