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The Calvin Spark, the Alumni Association's quarterly magazine founded in 1954, continued the legacy of alumni communication begun with the initiation of the "Alumni Letter" in 1925.

Today, Spark On-line gives alumni and friends of Calvin a chance to catch the highlights of each issue of the magazine, plus added resources and links to make the Spark experience even more informative and exciting.

  Spark On-Line Extras From the Spring 2000 Issue
  Directors Desk An Interview with Dr. Spoelhof
by Mike Van Denend
Dr. Spoelhof's takes a look back at his time as President of Calvin College.
  • Pictures from his 90th birthday celebration

    Women' s Cross Country National Champs
    By Jeff Febus
    Calvin women repeat as NCAA Div. III champions.

  • NCAA Division III Results
  • Calvin Sports Homepage

    On the Deplorable Lack of Freedom at Calvin: A memo to President Byker
    By Lee Hardy

  • Lee Hardy's Homepage
  • Calvin's Philosophy Dept. Homepage

    A Beacon of Hope
    By Cole Ruth 95'
    Senior Matt Flemming shines as inner-city library assistant

  • Calvin's Service Learning Center

    Alum reflects on Alaska oil spill

  • Directors Desk
    by Mike Van Denend
  • Midsummer at Calvin
  • Letters

    Letters to the editor for Spring 2000 Issue

    It's a Mistake - Where are the Women? - Kudos to Calvin - Defining Tolerance - Belief Affect Behavior

    Same-Name Games
    By Edward E. Ericson, Jr.
    Class Notes
    50's - 60's - 70's - 80's - 90's
    More Stories

    The Great Debate

  • Republican Debate Pictures
  • Calvin Debate Homepage

    FOG goes to Chapel

  • Cover picture and more information

    The Unknown Flower

  • More about Charsie Sawyer
  • More about the CD
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