Hire Knights/Hire Calvin
By Glenn Triezenberg, Director of Career Development

Career speed networkingCollege is one of life’s transformational experiences. From start to finish the Calvin experience expands the mind, deepens understanding and engages the soul.

Then you graduat e and have to get a job, then another, then another—and so it goes.

Calvin’s career development office is ready to help students and alumni with career and job-search issues from the first day students set foot on campus to the last day of their career. We are family, and we are here to assist you.

Last year, my staff and I completed 2,711 appointments with current students and alumni in career-counseling appointments.

Outstanding outcomes
In 2009, almost 80 percent of Calvin students completed an internship related to their major, greatly increasing their employability. And in 2010, we expect to help connect students with about 700 internships.

Historically, nearly 90 percent of Calvin grads land a full-time position or enter graduate school within six months of graduation. This trend continues, even in this current employment environment.

Twenty-three percent of Calvin’s 2009 alumni went directly to graduate school.

Approximately 6,000 jobs and internships were posted at Calvin last year, and our students have access to uKnight, which includes an online listing of Calvin alumni who have agreed to be contacted in the job-search process. For more information, check out www.calvin.edu/career, call (616) 526-6485 or e-mail career@calvin.edu.

Outlook for 2010 graduates
National Association of Colleges and Employers survey data suggest that hiring will be up 5.3 percent for the Class of 2010. While that is encouraging, my view is that the Class of 2010 will face a challenging employment market, and graduates will need all the help they can get. The same challenge will confront downsized alumni who find themselves unemployed or underemployed.

I am writing this the day after celebrating our ninth very successful business careers event. Approximately 200 Calvin students and business professionals came together in the Van Noord Arena to tell stories, network and look for ways to help each other. I am grateful to Mark Huizenga Systems Consulting, Royal Securities, Fifth Third Bank and Grey Dunes Associates for sponsoring this event.

This year, we used a speed-dating technique that brought students and business professionals together for seven five-minute networking encounters. Job search for new grads and the right hire for employers is about looking in the right place, talking to the right people and making lots of contacts. The Class of 2010 and Calvin alumni in job transition appreciate the help the career development office provides. But they need your help, too.

Hire Knights
When you become aware of job openings or internship opportunities where you work or in your community, please pass them on to us by e-mail at career@calvin.edu or call our office at (616) 526-6485. We will gratefully acknowledge your posting, and if you mention the “Hire Knights” initiative, we will send you a thank-you gift from the vast treasures of Calvin’s campus store. No, you may not choose your gift! I will select it and send it to you. Trust me.

The real payoff to you for participating in our Hire Knights/Hire Calvin initiative is the satisfaction you will take from helping Calvin students and alumni find employment and internship opportunities. If you are interested in viewing current job postings, you may register for CalvinLink, our online job posting system for students and alumni, at www.calvin.edu/career.

Together, we can do this. Participate in our Hire Knights/Hire Calvin initiative.

You Can Help!

Alumni networking is a key job search success factor. You can help graduating seniors and fellow alumni in the following ways:

1.  E-mail job openings that you are aware of to career@calvin.edu or call the career development office at (616) 526-6485. We will post the positions on CalvinLink and contact Calvin seniors and alumni who may be an employment fit for these positions.

2.  If your employer uses interns, full-time or part-time, during the school year or summer, e-mail your internship openings to Laurie Lemmen or call (616) 526-8744.

3.  If you are an employer and would like to partner with our office, e-mail Glenn Triezenberg or call (616) 526-6485.

We want to work with you!