John Calvin at 500: Four Essays

As the world reflects on the life and work of John Calvin on the occasion of his 500th birthday (July 10, 1509), four Calvin scholars discuss the reformer from Geneva.

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The Legacy of John Calvin by Karin Maag

Calvin the Lawyer by John Witte Jr. '82

English Calvinism: The Example of Anne Lock by Susan M. Felch

John Calvin's Institutional Thinking by Willam R. Stevenson Jr.


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The H. Henry Meeter Center for Calvin Studies

The H. Henry Meeter Center for Calvin Studies began with a collection of important books and a bibliography by Calvin College professor H. Henry Meeter during his tenure of teaching in the Bible (now religion) department from 1927 to 1957. At the initiative of Meeter, Calvin College and Seminary established the committee for scholarly research and development of basic historic Calvinism in 1961. This committee was the genesis of the H. Henry Meeter Center and its governing board.

The primary goal of Meeter was to make scholarly research on Calvinism available to students and laypeople. This goal was articulated and achieved in his classic 1939 work, The Basic Ideas of Calvinism. Published by Baker Book House, the book is now in its sixth edition and has been translated into five languages: Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and Russian.

The need for space for the growing collection of materials on Calvin and Calvinism was recognized and supported by Meeter’s son Hugh and daughter-in-law Eve Meeter of Grand Rapids, Mich., and by the Pew Foundation who made possible the 1981–1982 construction of the H. Henry Meeter Center and Heritage Hall as a wing of the Hekman Library.

Today the Meeter Center with its rare items, books, articles, literature and bibliographies is acclaimed worldwide as one of the most extensive and user-friendly of all Calvin and Calvinism collections.