Feature Stories - Spring 2008

No Wild-Goose Chase
In college you make friends, learn things and have fun. After that everyone goes where they have to go and does what they have to do. We questioned why it had to be that way.

Wild Goose Creative
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"Minds in the Making" e-zine features:

Corcoran on alternative worship

Ericson on The Solzhenitsyn Reader

Johnson on the millenial teacher

Newberry Place residents

Meet the Neighbors, Build a Neighborhood
In 2002 a group of friends began talking about how to live together and more intentionally. Six years later, they are living in their dream.

Prism: A Colorful Reflection
As the various Prism staffs worked and struggled to put out the book, the Prism also reflected the changing decades and, sometimes, a college struggling with its identity.

2007 Prism

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A new home

Sydney Youngsma — Building a campus

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