The Campaign for Calvin College
Investing now for a financially secure Calvin

The Campaign for Calvin CollegeIn its 130-year history, Calvin College has launched only two major fund-raising campaigns. The first occurred in 1991-1996 with a goal of $35 million and a final gift total of $58.7 million. Now, more than a decade later, the college is conducting a second campaign titled "No Greater Task: Hearts and Minds Renewing God's World." For this campaign, the goal is $150 million.

Before 1991, fund-raising at Calvin was project by project. When a building needed to be constructed or a special program established, gifts were raised for the individual project. This method of fund-raising, however, did not support comprehensive planning for campus growth, nor did it build an endowment for the future. To address these needs, the components in the first campaign focused on endowment for student scholarships and faculty research and development, along with Annual Fund support.

This time around, the components are similar, but there is a significant structural emphasis as well: two major building projects for students (the Spoelhof Fieldhouse Complex and a new Commons structure), plus endowment for campus maintenance and renovation. The Knollcrest campus, believe it or not, is 50 years old! The 40-year-old campus buildings need reinforcement. Campus facilities-though carefully tended through the years-now require updating and renovation.

President Byker

President Gaylen Byker

Calvin President Gaylen Byker believes that Calvin offers an education comparable to that of the more prestigious liberal arts colleges in the country, but does so with far fewer resources.

"If we try to continue offering above-average education for below-average cost, we will continue to struggle," Byker said. "But if we want to remain affordable, non-elitist, and build diversity, we need to strengthen our endowment and not use tuition dollars for capital needs. The campaign is intended to accomplish this and will position Calvin to be an even stronger leader in Christ-centered liberal arts education."

Many changes have occurred at Calvin since the purchase of the Knollcrest campus in 1956, and the current campaign seeks to equip this changing college, physically and academically. Responding to this growth with adequate facilities and programs is our primary goal, as is ensuring the future financial stability of the college by building its endowment. A robust endowment will enhance programs but even more importantly will help keep tuition affordable without putting pressure on the operating budget.

Given the stellar record of Calvin alumni serving with distinction in virtually every vocational area and in every part of the world, what could be a "greater task" than making certain this conduit for Christian leadership remains strong?

"There is a big need for what Calvin accomplishes in the world, and this campaign supports our important mission and tasks," Byker said.

Over the next two years, all alumni, parents and friends of Calvin will be asked to participate in the campaign for Calvin. They will be enlisted to invest in Calvin College now so that, for generations to come, the institution will train hearts and minds dedicated to renewing God's world.