Feature Stories - Fall 2007

The Campaign for Calvin College

Campaign Overview: A financially secure Calvin

Campaign Interview: Q&A with the campaign co-chairs

A sweet sound: Fine Arts Center

The campus "family room": Campus Commons

Tangible encouragement: Scholarships and financial aid

Fueling creative minds: Faculty research

Holistic approach: Spoelhof Fieldhouse Complex

Sharing God's Creation: Bunker Interpretive Center

Maximum Efficiency: Campus renovation/maintenance

On the Cover

Fall issue cover picture

The Campaign for Calvin College is intended to remind alumni and friends that this initiative is not ultimately about budgets and buildings. Rather it is about giving alumni the opportunity to go as far as God leads them to do their part in renewing God's world.

More alumni profiles


More Stories
Distinguished Alumni Awards
· William Garvelink
· Joel Holtrop

"More Online" Spark References
· Engineers design retractable bridge
· Spring 2007 Sports

Class Notes
For privacy reasons, all Class Notes are now posted in the "Alumni Association Members" organization in KnightVision.

Alumni Profiles
· Marvin Bolt '84
· John Dahm '61
· Vern Edewaard '56
· Daniel Hoebeke '72
· Caty Rozema '01
· Patty Tawadros '95
· Kerry van der Griend '91


Ask Anonymous
Cool cities and outsourcing

Designed for Dry Feet

Director's Desk
The campaign for flag planting


Rev. Jacob Noordewier: Fund-raising in 1890

Letters to the Editor
Readers respond to Spark stories

In the Spotlight
Lloyd and P.J. DeVries