Letters to the Editor

Cheers for the Wuerffels
I was excited to read about the Wuerffels’ ministry in New Orleans in the Calvin Spark (Winter 2005). I attended Calvin in the ’80s and moved to Gainesville, Fla., at about the same time Danny Wuerffel began his legendary (at least locally) football career here at the University of Florida. Although he left in 1996, he is still much talked about in Gainesville, if not for past football glories, then for his current life’s work with Desire Street Ministries. I had no idea he had married a Calvin grad (Way to go, Danny! Good choice!), and enjoyed reading an article that placed her as the center of attention. I commend them both for their hard work, dedication and generous spirit!

Janet Ludema Wolf ’89
Gainesville, Fla.

Finding truth
I read professors Randy Bytwerk’s and Karen Saupe’s articles about the right and wrong of signing a letter of dissent regarding President Bush’s visit to Calvin College (Fall 2005).

Education is about dissent in order to find truth.

The statement by Karen Saupe that “tax cuts which favor the wealthy … and burden the poor” is not accurate. Ninety-seven percent of the taxes collected are paid by those making over $200,000.

Tax cuts to the so-called “wealthy” mean more money for creating jobs which have stimulated the economy, which has, in turn, helped the poor. The poor do not pay taxes. Entitlements used for the poor increased from $191 billion during the last president’s term to $346 billion today. The poor have not been burdened.

Start with the truth and you will end with the truth.

Chris Sterious ’62
Chester Springs, Pa.

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Alum inspires nurses
Just writing to let you know how proud we are of Victoria R. Huisman ’93. Victoria was featured in Spark (Summer 2003). Victoria is still the director of Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs but recently graduated from California State University at San Bernardino with her master’s in business administration in the executive program. She graduated with honors and as a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma society.

I hope Calvin College is as proud of Victoria Huisman as we are. She inspires greatness and love for education and nursing. I wouldn’t be a nurse today if it wasn’t for her inspiration and faith. I changed careers and follow the road she has paved for all of us: the love of taking care of people, the love of being a nurse. Victoria says, “I wouldn’t be here without the help of God, family, friends and Calvin College.” Thank you, Calvin College.

Maria Lopez
Cathedral City, Calif.

Grateful for Spark
Thank you so much for sending me the Spark. I am so thankful to be kept up to date with all of the activities of Calvin’s extended campus, students and faculty, and the manifestation of Calvin’s flame in the lives of alumni affecting the lives of individuals and the life of our nation.

What a beautiful publication with its excellent photography depicting the response to emergencies and work of philanthropy. It also helps to keep in touch with the columns of marriages, newcomers and deaths, as time goes on.

I pray and trust the Lord will continue to comfort, sustain and bless the Calvin students, faculty and alumni to His honor and glory and the extension of His kingdom.

Sidney Slagter ’53
Palos Heights, Ill.

Calvin connection
While traveling in Europe this summer I spent some time with my sister, Lori Engbers ’99, who was studying in Siena, Italy. On a Saturday morning we took a day trip to Florence to do some sightseeing and waited at the train station for our train to arrive. As we were having some coffee in the small train station outside of Siena, Emily Ulmer ’08 approached us after she recognized the Calvin College cross country shirt I was wearing. We later found out she was from New Jersey and had just finished her first year at Calvin. She was traveling with her parents around Europe. We exchanged stories for a few minutes until we had to run to catch our train. It’s funny to think that if I hadn’t been wearing the Calvin shirt we would never have made the connection. I wonder how many times that happens in strange places?

Jeff Engbers ’05
Whitinsville, Mass.