Letters to the Editor

Congrats to Bratt
I found the feature regarding Ken Bratt’s Exemplary Teaching Award (Summer 2006) gratifying. As a student in 1967, I had Ken as my first-year Latin teacher; he was very patient. As a Calvin senior, he was teaching Latin and, at that stage, showing the marks of an exemplary teacher. I was undisciplined in foreign language study, but Ken coached me through that year and prepared me for the second year of Latin.

Other features that I recall about Ken’s teaching were not only his command of the language, but his grasp of classical history and his timely gleaning of stories from history attendant to a passage we were dealing with at the time. Dr. Ken Bratt indeed is a classical teacher with class.

Maury Cheadle ’70
Grandville, Mich.

One more for the Chimes
The Faculty Fumblers may have repressed this painful memory, but in addition to the five other humiliating defeats mentioned (Spring 2006), the Fumblers also lost to Chimes in 1986. It was a day when, as Chimes dutifully reported, Les Jacques de Chimes were transformed from a band of intellectuals masquerading as athletes into a group of jocks who had been masquerading as intellectuals. Henry Kort threw for two touchdowns (both caught by me, I must humbly note) and ran for another, and Mike Rubingh returned an interception for a decisive 28-14 Les Jacques de Chimes victory and one-year winning streak. Unlike the perhaps suspect coverage in other years, Chimes’ reporting on this game was painstakingly objective, although the line about Professor Ericson throwing down his headset in disgust on the sidelines might have been a touch of hyperbole.

Patrick Jasperse ’87
Silver Spring, Md.

Reading Schmidt
Shortly after the Spark issue came out featuring Gary Schmidt (Spring 2006), we had a mother-son book group scheduled to discuss his book, Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy. The boys and mothers loved the book, and it made for a terrific discussion!

Kerri Brandsen
Holland, Mich.

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