Alumni Profiles

Judy Buttery
Judy Karsten Buttery '77
Bassoonist gives Coast Guard Band her final salute
Jeni Hoekstra

Dennis Hoekstra '58
Jeni Plooy Hoekstra '57

Showing up and getting out of the way

George Lanning

George Lanning '04
Unlocking the song

Terri Harris Reed
Terri Harris Reed '89
Mother's advice follows Princeton administrator
Heather Saxton

Heather Saxton ex'94
Embracing Italy

Maryanne Vandervelde

Maryanne Vandervelde '60
Alumna advocates movie groups, retirement planning

Brian Van Drie & Brent Vredevoogd

Brian Van Drie '99
Brent Vredevoogd '99

Riding the waves